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Confession – I am an Over Committer

I like adventures, challenges, and am addicted to the feeling of accomplishment.  I enjoy learning as well as creating.  I like taking on new things and pleasantly surprising myself with … Continue reading

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Weekly Reads – 2.6.15

This past week I started taking Pure Barre classes again!  I had taken classes back in August 2014, but then I won a raffle for a free gym membership on … Continue reading

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Weekly Reads – 1.30.15

This past Monday I started taking an Adobe Illustrator class – Woo! This week’s class went over the basics which was prefect for me since I have not used the … Continue reading

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Time to Order Valentines!

When I was younger, I LOVED making my little valentine mailbox at school. I eagerly waited for it to be filled with valentines from my fellow classmates, especially my crushes. … Continue reading

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Weekly Reads – 1.23.15

I know I neglected to give you all a blog post earlier this week, but I promise I have a legit reason why.  I have been SUPER busy with Paper, Planes & … Continue reading

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Weekly Reads – 1.16.15

I spent this past weekend gallivanting around with one of my BESTS. Of course there was a boozy brunch involved… and DUH the whole weekend was a BLAST! This past … Continue reading

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Treat Yourself – Purse(s) Edition

“Treat Yourself.”  This is what I say to myself right before I make a purchase that is a bit of a splurge. The title of this blog post suggests that … Continue reading

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Weekly Reads – 1.9.15

Helllllo! I am super excited to be back on Paper, Planes & Pinot after a lovely break.   Over the past few weeks I have spent quality time with friends and family, … Continue reading

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Weekly Reads – 12.19.14

This past week I found the awesomeness that is lunch at Costco. Yesterday a co-worker and I headed to Costco to pick up a Christmas gift and dine.  We started off with ‘small plate’ … Continue reading

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Travel Thursday – Monterey

Last year the beau and I took a once in a lifetime trip up the coast of California. We went to San Diego, Los Angeles, Napa and San Francisco. We … Continue reading

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