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Weekly Reads – 1.16.15

I spent this past weekend gallivanting around with one of my BESTS. Of course there was a boozy brunch involved… and DUH the whole weekend was a BLAST!

Me, BFF, and BF

Me, BFF, and BF

This past week I also found these fun reads!

So, I guess now is as good of a time as ever to let you all in on where my creative focuses are going. I really want to concentrate on calligraphy this year; not only the ‘writing’ portion, but also the digitizing aspect. I am signed up to take a month long Illustrator class that starts in 2 weeks, and I am super excited! My love of calligraphy has gotten me very infatuated with different fonts; print, cursive, serif, sans-serif… literally all fonts. With this being said, I love this post by Elle & Co featuring font favs. All the font groupings look so lovely!  Maybe in the future I can create and digitize my own fonts?  Hmmmm…

This year I also want to do more DIY projects. I am one of those people who buys all the supplies for a DIY project, but then never really makes time to work on the actual project. This year that will change. This DIY gem hat on I Spy DIY looks like something you would buy on J CREW. I feel like this is the perfect DIY project to help keep warm during this cold winter!

I have been yearning to get some brass candlestick holders. I think I may get white candlesticks and make these Confetti Candles on Craftaholics Anonymous. They would be perfect for parties. Brass holders with confetti candlesticks – OH LA LA!

And my last DIY project of the week… I love organizing whether it be closets, bedrooms, pantries, laundry rooms, or offices. The only thing better than organizing is decorative organizing! I ADORE this DIY desk organizer on Oh so Beautiful Paper. I love that you can even use one of the glass holders for flowers. What a great idea!

Speaking of flowers, I have wanted to take a flower arranging class. While I wait for places around Northern Virginia to release their 2015 schedules, I can use these flower arranging tips on La Dolce Vida.

Olive green has always been one of my favorite colors to wear. I think that it looks great with gold which is a huge plus for me since I strictly wear gold jewelry (no silver or white gold). I have been dying for an olive jacket, and this one on Wendy’s Lookbook is fabulous – as it should since it is Burberry. I am also loving the olive dress!

Even though it is freezing out, I have been wearing pumps or wedges to work. I like to think it is because I am a super classy girl, but to be honest, it is because I am short and if I don’t wear heels my pants will drag on the floor. Well, according to Betches Love this, science shows that high heels make you more likely to get hit-on. No wonder I landed my beau at work – high heels making those heads turn!

Currently we do not have a coffee table in our living room. The room is ‘slim’ and there is just no space for a table between our couch and our entertainment center. When we do move, I think that this pintucked coffee table on Copy Cat Chic may be a good choice. It could be a table (when you put a tray on top), a foot rest OR extra seating for guest. LOVE IT!

Domaine Home posted these pictures of celebrity bedrooms. More ideas for my dream home! Speaking of my dream home, I definitely want a formal dining room and a banquette area. These banquettes on The Inspired Room are beautiful. I would LOVE to have any of them in my home!

As you already know, I am a planner. I try not to over commit myself, but I also love keeping myself busy. Sometimes I trouble keeping the balance. I found these tips (Prioritizing Important Tasks and Time Hacks) from Day Designer SUPER helpful!

Although I cannot commit to this now, I would LOVE to take on Oh Happy Day’s New Year’s resolution. Fifty two dinner parties in one year, YES PLEASE!

For those of you trying to be healthy, it is a FACT that drinking water is a must. Personally, I need some flavor so I love infusing water with fruit. Hello Natural has some great infused water flavor ideas! And if you need a healthy snack, try out these chocolate chip zucchini oatmeal cookies on Yellow Bliss Road. I mean I like zucchini bread and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies; so this has to be good!

Now you didn’t get think that you would get through a weekly reads post without a hot chocolate recipe, did you?! This week I am changing things up a bit by sharing a hot chocolate cupcake recipe… thanks Lovely Indeed!

And lastly…

This skeleton girl on Bored Panda gave me the giggles.  Think @brosbeingbasic but skeleton style.

Hope you enjoy!

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