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Monograms (Part II)

I seriously LOVE monograms. I have already done a monogram post, but still I feel the need to write another one. Why!? Because everyone needs monogram stationery. I truly believe that.

So my last post featured a very feminine monogram. Since that post I have gotten many similar orders for ultra-feminine monogram stationery. Not going to lie – I got caught up in the flowers and the wispy lettering.

Then I got an order for very classic stationery. The order was for navy and cream – no cursive. My creative juices had a lapse! How was I going to make monogram stationery that was not hyper-feminine? Wait – I couldn’t have flowers or glitter as the envelope insert? Wait – You do not want cursive type? What was I to do!?

After the initial shock, I remembered the classics. Pinstripes. Print font. This monogram print is still feminine, but is also extra preppy. And of course, I adore it.






I love the aspect that this stationery can be used to send a sweet letter to a friend, or used for professional correspondence. My friend who ordered this print is in the real estate business… I could definitely picture her sending these to her clients. So chic.

Also remember that stationery is the perfect stocking stuffer! So whether it be for yourself or for a friend, send me an email at to place an order!



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