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Weekly Reads – 12.19.14

This past week I found the awesomeness that is lunch at Costco. Yesterday a co-worker and I headed to Costco to pick up a Christmas gift and dine.  We started off with ‘small plate’ appetizer – aka Costco samples. Then, for our main course, we bought a hot dog and drink for $1.50. My co-worker opted for a side of pizza, while I decided that I should treat myself to some fro-yo. Nonetheless, this is the best $3 I have spent in awhile!


Christmas is next week ya’ll! Can you believe it? Hopefully this handful of links will help you tie up any loose ends you may have with your holiday planning…

Do you have a certain meat lover in your life? If so, Brit + Co has some GREAT gift ideas for meat lovers. I own a shirt that says “Eat Meat Repeat” so I obviously would love to be gifted with anything on this list.

Since college I have wanted to buy a dress mannequin. Seeing the fir lady on Kate’s Creative Space has convinced me that I MUST invest in one. I mean how awesome are these dresses!?

Paper & Stitch has a DIY Ornament Message Board that looks pretty simple to make and is SUPER CUTE. I would love to make a handful of these and hang them up to spread messages of Christmas Cheer!

I mailed out my Christmas cards this past weekend, and I think that a lot of my friends did too… my mailbox has been full! This DIY Tree Card Holder on Remodelaholic is something I MUST MAKE to display the cards I receive.

I made a ton of ribbon bows this year to top off my Christmas gifts. Then I saw this post on Design Darling making me think I should use my extra ribbon for my hair.   ADORE.

And now onto some posts that are not related to the holidays…

I love seeing before and after pictures. Whether it be a beautifying make-over or remodeling a house. Desert Domicile has posts some great before and after pics of home projects. I loooove all the design updates!

Design Sponge also had a great bedroom makeover. I adore all of the wall details in the finalized room. I cannot wait to try these in my own home!

I love blankets. The beau and I have a few that we keep on a shelf in our entertainment center, but they sometimes ‘overflow’ off of the shelf. I am thinking about making this blanket ladder on Remodelaholic. It is super functional and super chic!

Now I know that EVERY WEEK I go on about how much I love hot chocolate. Brit + Co has some great ideas on how to use hot chocolate packets for other things than hot chocolate. YUM!

As I stated last week, I am a gold gal. I love all of these ideas on Little Green Notebook on how to gold leaf all sorts of things! SOOOO SHINY! I LOVE!

And lastly…

For all my Northern VA friends – DC Eater has posted their list of the most anticipated winter restaurant openings. So many reservations to make in the New Year!



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