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Time to Order Valentines!

When I was younger, I LOVED making my little valentine mailbox at school. I eagerly waited for it to be filled with valentines from my fellow classmates, especially my crushes. The ones from my crushes were FOR REAL declaring their love for me through the words of their Ninja Turtle cartoon valentines. Who cares if they gave the same valentine to other classmates!?

I am not going to lie. Even when I was young, I was very particular about my valentines.  After carefully choosing my valentines from the store I would separate them stacks:

  • For my girlfriends
  • For my crushes
  • For everyone else

The ones for my girlfriends were sassy and let my girls know how much I loved them. The ones for my crushes (notice this is plural – you can never have more than one crush) declared my undying love.  Then the ones that were left went out to other classmates.  The beautiful thing about elementary school was that no one got left out.  I gave everyone valentines, but my favs got the best ones.

When making my sample valentines for Paper, Planes and Pinot, I noticed that they could be sorted into the 1st 2 groups:

For my girlfriends:

Valentine - Group 3


Valentine - Group 2

For crushes:

Valentine - Group 1

Here are some card/envelope pairings that I put together:

Valentine You Are Hot

Valentine XO

Valentine Let's Make Out

Valentine Be My BOMO

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure, a snapshot of my cards and envelopes:

Valentine - Cards

Valentine - Envelopes

If you would like to order some valentines, please put in an order by sending an email over to I’ll respond to your request within 24 hours. After confirming your order, your beautiful valentines will be shipped to you within 1 week. Check out my Pricing Page for prices!

If you ADORE one of the prints above, I would be happy to make you a set. If you are thinking that you want something a little different, just let me know and I can design something to satisfy your taste! I plan on trying out white ink, so stay tuned!

I would love to help you send some LOVEEEE to those near and dear to your heart!



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