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Weekly Reads – 2.6.15

This past week I started taking Pure Barre classes again!  I had taken classes back in August 2014, but then I won a raffle for a free gym membership on campus.  Well – my free gym membership ended last week so I got my butt back to Pure Barre!


In my down time between Pure Barre and filling your lovely Valentine orders I found some fun reads for you:

I love puns.  At my old job I used to post a joke of the day on the whiteboard outside my cube to try to keep people giggling in the office.  I got a good laugh from this pun post on Bored Panda. If you like cheesy puns… you will get the giggles too!

I am big on leopard print. I own a pair of leopard pumps and a pair leopard loafers. My closet is filled with leopard print sweaters, blouses, skirts and dresses. Now all I need is a leopard clutch! I love this clutch on A Fashion Love Affair, and maybe after a few more months of Pure Barre I can rock this crop top!

I am PUMPED about the Oscars. Yes – I love the awards, but I ADORE all the fashion. Elements of Style is spot on with these ideas on how to dress the nominees. I really cannot get over how awesome all of these celebrities would look in these picks!

I browse blogs just about every day. With this being said, I find a lot of fashion trends and styles that I MUST have. Lauren Conrad basically sums up everything that I am lusting for in her February Style tips post. The 1st thing on her list is something I have been wanting to invest in… BLUSH ATTIRE.

The next few of finds combine 2 of my loves: home décor and celebrities. Domaine Home had a great post this week featuring celebrity country homes AND another post showing off J Lo’s digs. Chic and Glamorous featured John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s home. Seriously… SWOON.

The Design Daredevil has finished her 6-week challenge. This bedroom was completely revamped and upgraded. I love the black with gold accents. SO GLAM!

If you aren’t into gold and black and want to make a room glam, I think that upholstered headboards definitely give off that aura. Unfortunately those pretty headboards usually cost a pretty penny. The Décor Fix has come to the rescue this week with a post about AFFORDABLE upholstered headboards. My wallet is forever grateful.

I am a Zara fan. I feel super lucky that I live in an area where there is a Zara since they are few and far between here in the US. I fell in love with Zara when visiting my best friend when she was studying abroad in Barcelona. Literally there is a Zara on just about every corner in Europe. Anyways, it is no surprise that since I love Zara’s clothing, that I also love their home décor. Decoholic posted a great preview of the Zara home line for Spring and Summer 2015.

I have a newfound obsession for trays. I don’t really plan on using them to eat on, except for maybe breakfast in bed, BUT I do want to use them for décor! Jewelry storage, makeup holder, coffee table accessory? La Dolce Vida posted some beautiful chic trays. Are you now obsessed too?

I take SO MANY pictures, but I am terrible about printing them out and showing them off in my home. I think the reason for this is that I never really have great ideas on how to frame them. Well that ends now. The Makerista has this DIY on how to indie mat. This décor is so chic and classy.

Speaking of pictures, Brooklyn Limestone had a great DIY on how to make a camera strap. I love this. I am one of the clumsiest people ever, and a camera strap is a MUST for me.

I am in the need of a side table, and Kristen Murphy gave me the perfect DIY instructions to make one. I love the copper and marble combination. I promise you that you will be seeing an instagram post of me making this in the next month. PROMISE!

I have been on a seafood kick recently. Camille Styles posted this great pasta fruitti di mare recipe, and A Beautiful Mess shared this sweet chili garlic salmon. It looks like I will be feeding my cravings… literally.

I have been eating a lot of grapefruit recently. A lot. Like one a day. I am not ‘sick’ of the fruit yet, but I think that this sugared grapefruit treat on Paper ‘n Stitch would be a great way to mix things up!

And lastly,

The reason that I tried out Pure Barre was because of the dancer in me. I started to dance when I was 3, and literally haven’t stopped since. Nowadays my dancing takes place on the dance floor and not in dance class BUT dancing is dancing! Forever Twenty Something share a list of signs that you used to dance… and you are going to want to read this if you danced as a child like me!



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