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I Love Books

At a recent brunch, I stated multiple times that I am an old soul.  For some of those of you who met me through this blog, this may not be a surprise.  Heck – I craft most nights instead of going to happy hour.

BUT had you known me about 5 years ago, you would have been shocked that I now claim to be an old soul.  Yep – that girl who got on the stage at New Vegas and forced the band to play Usher’s Nice & Slow on a Saturday night so that she could sing the song in entirety to the whole bar now prefers to not be hung over on weekends so that she can practice calligraphy.

Now don’t get too carried away.  I still rage – just not on a nightly basis.

I knew that I was “growing up” once I started to enjoy shopping for home décor instead of clothing.  That was a shocking moment in my life.  Then this past week another moment occurred that confirmed – Yes, I am an old soul.

I was preparing my Christmas Wish List.  I asked for some ‘necessities’ such as a parka and a robe, but then I found myself asking for 3 books.  Books!?  My high school self would be SHAMING me for asking for books.  What about asking for cool, trendy things!?

So what books did I ask for?

  1. Paper to Petal
    Exactly what an old soul who loves paper needs! If I get it I can craft paper flowers to go along with my stationery!  PURE BLISS!
    Paper to Petal
  2. Idiot’s Guides: Organizing your Life
    No this is not a self-help book. This is a book about shelving and drawers.  Organizing stuff is MY JAM.
    Organizing Your Life
  3. Nice is Just a Place in France
    The writers of Betches Love This wrote a book. It may not be the most adult  book purchase, but I obviously must have it.

Now you may be asking yourself – Who even buys books?  I do, and I like to think that I keep places like Barnes & Noble in business.  It should be a given that I have not succumbed to the digital age regarding buying books on my iPad.  Obviously, I love paper.

Not only do I still buy books, but I average about 3 book purchases a month. [SIDENOTE:  I do not read enough to finish 3 books a month].  I stroll around the books section at Target every time I go, which is basically on a weekly basis.  Whenever I visit a new city I no doubt stumble upon a used bookstore and feel like I need to buy a book for the trip home.  I intentionally arrive at dinners early at Tyson’s so that I can swing by Barnes & Noble.

The downfall of loving books?  Having tons of books, but not enough time to read them.

I finished Gone Girl, but I still have I’m Not That Kind of Girl on the shelf waiting to be read.  I caved and watched Fault in our Stars on a flight so the book rests on my bookshelf. On my trip to Dallas last weekend I finished The One & Only, and on my trip to Tucson last month I read, Yes Please But still, believe it or not, there are some more ‘serious’ books on my bookshelf, The Road, The Signature of All Things, and The Namesake, that I cannot wait to read.

I love books and I love reading.  I don’t always find the time for enjoying them, but whenever I do have the time I know where to go.  Anytime I need a laugh, I can read one of my many Chelsea Handler books.  If I need a good cry, I know that Fault in our Stars is waiting for me.  For me, books are like a trusty friend.  I can spend a month out of touch, but I fall right back into the groove when reunited.

I know that the holidays are a busy time and could get stressful.  I have my work cut out for myself with all of YOUR wonderful stationery orders.  So this is my reminder to you: take some time for yourself this holiday season.  Do what you love.

Be an old soul with me… Cuddle up with a book or whatever else takes your stress away!


3 comments on “I Love Books

  1. evelyn
    December 12, 2014

    You should read Me Before You and What Alice Forgot.

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