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Treat Yourself – Purse(s) Edition

“Treat Yourself.”  This is what I say to myself right before I make a purchase that is a bit of a splurge.

The title of this blog post suggests that I will have more Treat Yourself posts.  I have no clue what they will be about, but I can guarantee that I will make future purchases that are out of my price range.

Moving on…

Since I have started to read blogs more often, I certainly get my dose of products deemed to be MUST HAVES by bloggers.  I skim past most of these items (mostly because they have a hefty price tag), but every once in a while I find something that I ADORE and begin to OBSESS over.  I mean it’s inevitable, I am a Marketer’s Dream.

So while gifting others during Christmas, I treated myself to 2 purse-esque purchases.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE both of them.  If you are in the market for a new clutch or large bag, I definitely recommend these:

Gigi New York

Picture from Gigi New York website

Picture from Gigi New York website

This clutch is perfect for looking classy whether you are running errands or partying.  Obviously, since I am obsessed with monograms (see here and here), I got my initials on my clutch.  I decided to go with the wine color since I don’t have any clutches in this shade, and it is the perfect accessory for a Hokie!

One of the things that attracted me to this clutch is the size.  No joke, I created a true-to-size model of the purse when debating whether or not to buy it.

gigi sketch

It is slender but can hold a good amount.  When heading out for a night on the town, I can easily fit in all the necessities: credit card, ID, cash, cell phone, lip gloss.  It is also great for casual use. I mean my planner fits in it, so of course, I love it.  Sometimes when on brunch dates I do not feel like toting around my catch-all purse, and this clutch is the perfect solution.  You know you always need your planner when you go to brunch, so you can drunkenly plan out your next outing!

There was a promotion going on when I bought my clutch – so my monogram was free.  Also, when signing up for Gigi New York emails you get a code for 10% off your purchase – so DUH I signed up.  After all was said and done this purchase cost me $125.75.  In the past, I would have never thought that buying a clutch for this price would be acceptable, but now that I own it, I cannot imagine life without it!

Dagne Dover

blue dagne

Picture from Dagne Dover website


As a frequent traveler I believe that I can make the declaration that this purse is PERFECT for jet setting.  It has compartments for literally everything — one for your laptop, another for your iPad.  There are slots for pens so they will not get lost in the abyss – I even use one of these slots for my toothbrush!  Then also a little pouch for your cell phone and a card – which I use for my ID when traveling… easy access.  There is a water bottle holder and a clip for your keys – SERIOUSLY!  AMAZING.

Oh also – this bag ZIPS!  Yes – you can slide it under the seat in front of you with no worries that something will fall out.

The canvas material is very thick and is also waterproof.  Let’s say your water bottle leaks–no worries!  Just take a paper towel and clean it up – no damage to the bag.

I also feel like the colors are so chic.  I went with black since my luggage is maroon.  I think the maroon and black color combo looks great while traveling, especially if I wear a black outfit on the plane.  Very sleek!

All in all this Dagne Dover tote cost me $212.00.  Shipping was free with the purchase and the tote was 20% off the week after Thanksgiving.  I thought to myself – WHAT A STEAL!

Both of these purses, along with the gorgeous Kate Spade purse that my mom got me for Christmas make my purse collection complete, for the time being.  I bet in a year or so I may find something else that catches my eye, or I may want another Gigi clutch in a different color!

Nonetheless, I have had NO buyers’ remorse over these purchases.  Both came with cloth bags to keep them in.  I store them both carefully after each use to keep them beautiful!

Seriously – sometimes you have to Treat Yourself.  You work hard for your money – so why not get yourself stuff you ADORE!



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