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Confession – I am an Over Committer

I like adventures, challenges, and am addicted to the feeling of accomplishment.  I enjoy learning as well as creating.  I like taking on new things and pleasantly surprising myself with the outcomes.

I enjoy being social.  I make time for my friends and have no issues driving an hour and a half away for dinner with a good friend.  I like to travel and see the sights.

I take on way too much.  I confess… I over commit myself.

You probably have seen that I am posting less and less on this blog.  When I first started, I got 2 to 3 posts up a week.  Then it went down to 2 posts.  And now I have dropped to 1 to 2 posts a week.  Last week I had NO posts.

Why?!  Over commitment.

This year I have really been trying to push my creative limits.  I’ve taken on new projects and started to take graphic design and writing classes on campus.  I am getting tons of orders for embossed and calligraphy stationery – as well as new orders for printed stationery.  On top of all this, I have a backlog of personal projects that I want to take on and I am super excited to jump right in.

I started off this year with new plans and ambitions for Paper, Planes and Pinot.  Now, 2 months in, I realize that I may have spread myself a bit thin.  Between keeping up what I have going on, taking on new projects, and adding classes to the mix, there are just not enough hours in the day.  So, the other week I finally sat down and asked myself what my goals were.  What are my priorities?

The answers I came out with are SUPER EXCITING.  Listing out everything I wanted to accomplish definitely reinvigorated me and got me pumped to share some great creative projects with you.  Unfortunately, this exercise had one sad outcome – I would need to put a hiatus on this blog.

When starting this blog, I did not realize how much of a time commitment writing would be.  Honestly – I thought it would take maybe half an hour to write an entry and post it.  Let me tell you, writing each post takes about 3 hours for me.  Then add in the time that one of my friends takes to edit each post because I am not the best writer technically speaking (hence the writing classes).  Now this may seem like a small portion of the day, but there are times that I wish that I had these hours to work on my creative projects.

So while I am sad to be putting a hiatus on blogging, I am SUPER excited to amp up on my creative projects.  Don’t worry – I will be back in the blogosphere… SPOILER:  One of my creative projects is to REVAMP my blog.

Don’t fret – we can still keep in touch!  Follow me on Instagram at @kayepioquinto.  I will be posting my work there.  If you are worried that you will have a void on Fridays when I do not post my weekly reads find me on Pinterest using my gmail account – I will be posting fun reads I find to Pinterest on the reg!  I am still definitely working on stationery projects, so if you want to put in an order shoot me an email at

Lastly, thank you all for your continued support and love!  I will be back soon… with AMAZING stuff to share!



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This entry was posted on February 20, 2015 by in Paper.


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