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I am a Planner

I am a planner.  I cannot help it.  I carry around a planner in my purse as I need to be ready at a moment’s notice if someone is trying to make plans.  People always ask WHY I carry around a planner and WHY I do not use the calendar on my phone.  DUMB QUESTION – I love paper… remember?

If you mention making plans with me I will no doubt pull out my planner and commit to a date.  I have no issues committing to plans months ahead of time… that is actually my preference!  It literally gives me anxiety if I open my planner and the next couple of weeks are not booked up.  I don’t know what it is, but I like being busy.  Because my planner if booked I ALWAYS have something to look forward to. I just LOVE making plans.  What can I say, I am a planner.

Post-college I decided that monthly calendars were perfect for me.  Gone were the days of having classes at different times, meetings for different clubs, sorority engagements and group projects.  All I kept in my planner were social engagements, as I did not have to write ‘go to work’ in my planner every weekday.  When I started grad school I contemplated going back to a monthly/weekly planner but decided against it as my “homework” was basically to study 24/7 and have no social life.

This Moleskine planner was perfect for me right when I graduated college and entered into my professional career.  I got the black planner to look super sleek and professional.  They also have fun colors like purple if you want to add some funk and red if you want to add a little sass.  These planners are also very durable.  The cover is thick and protects the pages from getting bend up if you keep your planner in a huge purse like I do.  Moleskine has definitely upgraded since I used this planner, and it looks like they now come with adhesive labels.  I definitely recommend Moleskine’s planners for those of you that need a durable, clean cut calendar.


My current 2014 planner is from May Designs.  I loved the fact that I could customize not only the cover of this planner but also what was inside.  For the cover you choose a pattern for the background, then you can choose to have your name, monogram or really any wording/numbering you want printed on top of that pattern.  The designs are ENDLESS.  The website has so many options it took me days to decide which print I wanted because there were so many cute ones to choose from.  I opted for a monthly calendar  (no weekly pages), but there are tons of choices.  You can get the monthly/weekly option or even a meal planner or wedding planner!  These planners are super affordable and super cute.

May Designs

Of course, now the 2015 planners are coming out.  I see them everywhere.  Of course I MUST. HAVE. ONE. NOW. even though there are still over 4 months in 2014.  Now that I have a life and am not slaving away at work, I think that I need a monthly/weekly planner.

Shamefully, I failed at one of my personal goals of making/selling 2015 planners.  At the beginning of this year, I planned to have them ready to sell in August.  I was going to take a book-binding class and also find a local printer to work with.  I have not done either of these.  Because of this, I think that I need to have more details in my planner to be able to plan my weeks out better to reach my goals.

I have always adored the Lilly Pulitzer planners.  They are BEAUTIFUL and come in the cutest designs.  All you Lilly fans will have to agree that the prints are just so fun that they brighten up your day!  Honestly, the only reason that I have been holding off on getting one is because they only come with the monthly/weekly pages, and I previously did not need the weekly pages.  Now since I do need weekly pages, these planners are definitely in the running to buy.  The Lily planners are hardback and very durable.  They also come with fun stickers for you to decorate your pages!

Lilly Pulitzer

Then of course there is Kate Spade.  I had not seen her planners before, but now that I have I am absolutely in love.  These planners are another monthly/weekly combo.  The designs are classic, just like everything else Kate Spade.  Just like the Lilly planners, the cover is hard and sturdy.  As a Kate Spade fan, it is very hard to resist this planner.  I have never had anything Kate Spade that I didn’t fall in love with!

Kate Spade

Hopefully this post inspires you all to get planning!  Since 2015 planners come out in July/August, you will find that there are months for 2014 up front, so no worries, you will not have any lapse in planning. I will probably be making my new planner purchase within the next week!  I just booked a trip to Grand Cayman for January, so I need somewhere to put my plans!


5 comments on “I am a Planner

  1. analiadavis
    August 5, 2014

    Great post! I LOVE planners. I just purchased the Lily planner and should be getting mine tomorrow. I’ve always used Moleskine in college because I liked that the weekly planner had a notes page but I decided to try something new this year.

    • kayesaid
      August 19, 2014

      I ended up getting a Lily planner too! Hope you are enjoying yours!

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