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Weekly Reads – 12.5.14

This past week the beau and I put up our Christmas decorations! Although our apartment layout is not optimal for our chubby tree, we make it work. I just love love love seeing the tree lit up and all of the décor!


This past week I also found some fun reads for you:

In case you wanted to try out a nontraditional option for a Christmas Tree, Bored Panda shared some great ideas!

One of my favorite Black Friday purchases was a black jumpsuit. I had been hesitant on purchasing a jumpsuit, but I finally took the plunge. Before I could have buyer’s remorse, Brit + Co reminded me that jumpsuits are IN and perfect for holiday parties!

Speaking on holiday parties, Brit + Co also had some great ideas of holiday theme parties to host!

I swooned over the Christmas décor on this kitchen table featured on the Hunted Interior. I mean there are brooches in the table setting, of course I love it!

Okay – those are all of the holiday links for this week…

I am SO EXCITED about the next season of House of Cards. I mean what is this power couple going to do? Total Sorority Move laid out reasons why Frank and Claire Underwood are basically the PERFECT couple.

I have always found introvert/extrovert tests interesting. I love being social, but I also really enjoy ‘quiet time.’ With that being said I found this article about ambiverts on Huffington Post to be quite interesting.

The dancer in me is amazed by the technology in these E-Traces pointe shoes .

As an Asian, loving karaoke is in my blood. I mean my parents have a LEGIT karaoke system, and I get AMPED UP (literally) when they have karaoke nights. While I am already pretty much a professional, Betches Love This posted a ‘How To’ article for you karaoke amateurs.

With the VIRGINIA TECH WIN over the UVA, we are once again bowl eligible. While the college football playoff selection show is this Sunday, Gobbler Country posted some predictions on what bowl game the Hokies will head to.

And lastly…

My friend Jordan started a blog this week! Now, she does not write about nonsense like I do, she writes about FOOD! Check out Jordan from Scratch!



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