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Travel Thursday – Travel Themed Stationery

This week’s edition of Travel Thursday incorporates 2 of my loves – traveling and stationery.

With my love of traveling, comes an obsession with traveling ‘things.’

For example – this Alex and Ani compass bangle.  I saw it online and fell in love.


This compass is beautiful.  When I saw it I thought it would be the perfect purchase to expand my Alex and Ani collection (I only had one other bracelet at that time).  Of course when I went to the Alex and Ani store, they were sold out!  SIDENOTE:  For those of you that do not know, shopping online terrifies me.  I have gotten better the past few years, but I really like to see things in person before making a purchase.  So on that particular trip to Alex and Ani I opted for a different bangle and called it a day.

But that was not the end of my compass bangle obsession.  Apparently I was so obsessed that my co-workers took notice.  On my birthday they surprised me with none other than the coveted compass bangle!  I adore… it is ‘SO ME.’  Duh – since I travel, you know.

I also now have rekindled my love of maps.  Before the days of Mapquest and Google Maps, my parents had a map book in their car.  Whenever we went somewhere new, I got to pick the route.  Remember these?


Nowadays, I feel like you never see actual maps.  Just the ones on your iPhone screen.  So, of course, I when I saw this map print I fell in love.  I knew that I needed to make stationery with it.

So here is it… Some stationery for all you travelers out there!





Hope you enjoyed these map prints!  If you would like to order any, send me an email at  Remember – stationery makes a great stocking stuffer!

Happy Travel Thursday!


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