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Weekly Reads – 11.21.14

This past weekend was my first at home in about a month. I enjoyed catching up with friends in the area as well as some quality time at home making stationery and lounging with the beau.

Loved catching up at

Loved catching up at

This week I also found these great reads for you!

I was BEYOND excited to see that I own the same pair of printed printed pants from LOFT as Beth from Seersucker and Saddles. She loves Plaid & Prints too!  This affirmed that I do buy great stuff!

The sequin and plaid post on The Fox and She featured this AMAZING Asos skirt that I pinned earlier this week on Pinterest. Again this confirmed… I have great style. Wow – this week seriously inflated my fashionista ego.

I confessed a couple weeks ago that I am a hot chocolate fanatic. He and She Eat Clean shared a peppermint almond hot chocolate recipe and Betches Love This satisfied those of us who want to add a zing of alcohol to our hot chocolate. Its like the internet is feeding my hot chocolate addiction!

A Beautiful Mess posted some great Thanksgiving ideas! A couple of my favorites were the crock-pot mashed potatoes and the yummy looking pie crust cookies!

I always love clever marketing. Since you already know that I am a Marketer’s dream, it should not surprise you that these eye catching packaging ideas on Bored Panda make me feel like I need to buy some of the featured products.

My two favorite DIY projects that I found this week both had ROPE listed as a material. The rope vase on I Spy DIY looks adorable. Shanty 2 Chic has this beautiful rope shelving. I think that you could play around with rope colors in both of these projects too!

And lastly…

Bustle answered one of my biggest questions – what wine pairs best with my Chipotle order. You’re welcome!

Enjoy your weekend!


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