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Travel Thursday – Packing Tips

I love to travel. I assume that most of you reading this post like to travel as well. So it’s established… we both like traveling.

Where I bet we differ is on the subject of packing. Most people dread this pre-trip task, while I truly enjoy it.  I do not wait until the night before (or morning of) my trip to begin the packing process. I start thinking about packing about 2 weeks before I leave on a trip. Packing gets me pumped about traveling. Think about it … in order to pack you need to know what activities you will be doing. So prior to packing, I am doing a good amount of trip research.

This is what goes through my head while researching:
–  I def want to go on a hike while on this trip. Oh! Check out the views overlooking the waterfall here! My Lulu crops and new tank MUST make it on this trek too.
–  Omgosh a winery day. What will I be most comfortable in while frolicking through the vines? My white eyelet dress would look great! Welp, no. I will probably spill. Chambray it is.

Since you know that I am a Planner, it should not surprise you that I plan out my outfits in detail when going on vacation. Not only do I know what clothes I am going to wear, but I plan down to the accessories. I will try on all my outfits before packing them to make sure everything looks good and fits right. I will be most likely be Instagramming my vacay every day so I need good outfits. Duh.

I have a spreadsheet similar to this for every trip I take.


There are 2 HUGE perks to planning out outfits before vacations:

  1. You will pack exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Planning out what I am going to wear makes me confident that I will not over pack. You will be packing light and not lugging around extra clothes that you ultimately will not be wearing. Also, I hate checking bags since I have anxiety about them getting lost.  If I can fit what I need into my carry-on I am a happy girl.
  2. You will save time on your trip. On any given day when getting dressed for work or a social outing, it takes me forever to decide what I am going to wear. When on vacation, if I plan out my outfits prior, I do not have to go through the trying on phase while at my destination. I do not have to waste precious sight-seeing minutes deciding if I should wear a maroon or black top. I already know! The faster I get ready, the more vacation time I get!

So you have your perfect outfits for every day of your vacation. What else do you need?

Trash Bag
I always bring 1 trash bag on trips with me. It is used for packing my dirty clothes. I really do not even put my dirty clothes in the bag. Instead I fold all of my worn clothing and pack at the bottom of my luggage. Then I cover my dirty clothes with the trash bag and pack all my clean belongings on top. Easy!

Step 1:  Roll dirty clothes up in the bottom of your luggage



Step 2:  Cover clothes with a trash bag.



Step 3:  Pack the rest of your luggage.


Travel Jewelry Case
I JUST purchased a Stella & Dot travel jewelry bag a few months ago, and now I have no idea how I lived without it.   Kendra Scott also makes a beautiful jewelry organizer.  I cannot tell you how many times my necklaces broke en route, or I lost earrings because I was just throwing my jewelry into a large bag. You will be shocked how much you save your jewelry by having a nice travel case for them. Also, it helps keeping your precious pieces from getting tangled.

[photo from]

[photo from]

And lastly just some quick tips:

  • Roll your clothing when packing. You will save tons of room, and keep your stuff from creasing or getting wrinkles
  • If you are bringing liquids in your checked luggage, double bag and tape them shut. Yes, you may think that you packed well, but airlines aren’t the most careful when tossing your bags around. You never know what could happen to those liquids.

And one final pic – an example of a perfectly packed Checked Bag … Suck on that weight restrictions!


Cruise 2013 154


With the holidays coming up I expect that most of you will be traveling to see friends and loved ones. I hope these tips help you out! Safe Travels!


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