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Travel Thursday – Portland, OR

I fell in love with Portland, OR when I went this past May. Maybe it was the breathtaking views. It could have been the awesome wines and tasty beers. It may have been the amazing food. Honestly, it was a combination of the above… and then some.

I wanted to dedicate this Travel Thursday post to the wonderful Portland, OR!

So, I have already dedicated a post to the amazing wines in the Willamette Valley. Check it out here!

Since we are on the topic of booze, Portland has TONS of microbreweries. Rogue is probably one that you have most likely come in counter with. Since you can buy Rouge beers easily on the West Coast (Total Wine and World Market is where I buy mine), we did our trip ‘research’ while tasting some of their brews from the comfort of our home.


I ordered a flight at all the microbreweries that we went to in Portland. I thought this was the way to go so I could get a taste of everything and find out what I wanted to order a pint (or pints) of.




Now for the food… Portland, OR is a foodie place. I had seen this in my research, and the city did not disappoint. First off, no trip to Portland is complete without a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts. Yes, there might be other doughnuts sellers, but this trip is about the thrill. Waiting in line, changing your mind about what you are going to order, then sitting outside with your stash of doughnuts and watching all the other poor schmucks still in line. Thrilling.


For dinner one night, we went to Tasty & Adler. I have eaten a lot of great meals, and no lie, this place has some of the best dishes I have ever had. The menu is tapas style, but do not let that fool you. You are going to get tons of food as the meat “tapas” dishes come with a side. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of my meal (I did not want to be that girl), but check out the reviews of this place! Seriously… it is AMAZING.  The owners of this restaurant also run Tasty & Sons, and Toro Bravo.  All of which are in Portland, and all of which have amazing reviews.

With all the amazing food, you are going to have to work some of it off. Good thing there are AMAZING hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. We hiked Latourell Falls and had these beautiful views. Breathtaking. I wish we could have hiked more trails, but our time in the area was limited.



Now, let me warn you, you may feel a little inadequate compared to the Pacific Northwest natives. The beau and I were ready to go on a strenuous hike with our backpack and hiking gear. When we pull up to the falls, we noticed some folks wearing jeans and even some parents with strollers embarking on hikes as well. SERIOUSLY?! Granted no strollers made it to the top of the falls with but still. Someday I wish to be on the Portland-er hiking level.

Another place to take in beautiful sites is the International Rose Test Garden. When you get here you will come across rows and rows of roses. It is truly a sight to see! I recommend coming up here for some down time during your trip. Bring a book, lounge a little in the beauty.




If you haven’t been to Portland, YOU NEED TO GO. Seriously – book your ticket right now. And let me know when you are going, I can easily be persuaded to make another trip there!



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