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Patterns on Patterns

I am usually very conservative when it comes to patterns. I buy patterned pieces then wear them with a solid color: paisley skirt with a beige blouse, animal print top with skinny jeans. Basically I follow the rule of wearing patterns with solids to keep the balance.

Recently, there seems to be a craze for patterns on patterns – plaid with lace or polka dots with stripes. Honestly, this is terrifying to me. Patterns on patterns!? What about the balance!?

I am still a bit conservative while mixing prints of clothing. Heck, I am still getting used to full patterned dresses leaving no space for solids to tone things down. I will definitely need to do more wardrobe tests before I head out in my floral and gingham!

But that is clothing…

Now to the stationery…

I have recently been making stationery with patterns layered on top of patterns… and things have worked out beautifully!

Here are some samples for you to swoon over:

‘Hi’ print

WVA 2014 080

WVA 2014 084

WVA 2014 089

WVA 2014 091

‘Thanks’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ Prints








If you would like to order any patterns on patterns stationery, send an email over to I would love to design and make something lovely for you!


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