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Travel Thursday – Hundred Acres Brunch in NYC

Wherever and whenever I travel, there is no doubt a brunch is involved. No doubt. Since the beau and I love to travel, I always plan a brunch during our trips. While he is a great date, I have to say that sometimes I just need a fun, gossipy brunch with girlfriends!

So last month while on a Girls’ weekend in NYC there was, of course, a brunch involved!

I went on a quick weekend getaway and took the train up to NYC with my friend Kate, to visit our friend Katie. Yep – you read that right, Kate and Katie – and me – Kaye – K3 … Whew!

Katie had an amazing weekend planned for us! We picnicked in Central Park, shopped in SoHo, ate NYC Bagels, enjoyed Frozen Hot Chocolates at Serendipity3, and of course BRUNCHED! The weekend could not have been better!

Frozen Hot Chocolate!

Frozen Hot Chocolate!

Going back a bit, Katie used to live in the Northern Virginia area, and we went on quite a few brunch outings with our friend Meaghan. Many of the BEST brunches I have been to were with with Katie and Meaghan. Katie introduced me to Bitches Who Brunch, arranged the 1st La Boum brunch for our trio and has always been a great mimosa sharing girlfriend.

Needless to say, I could not wait to see what she had in store for our weekend trip!

We walked up to Hundred Acres and I knew… Brunch. Was. On.

This classy establishment was beautifully decorated. Up front the windows were opened to the street outside, and I am sure that everyone that passed by wished that they had a reservation at Hundred Acres too!

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 064

Were walked into this cute room in the back of the restaurant to be seated. The room was airy and although a different theme from the front of the restaurant, still beautifully decorated.

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 066

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 067

Immediately, we knew that we needed mimosas. Now the mimosas were not bottomless, but we could order by the pitcher. We toasted to the great weekend and the wonderfully made mimosas.

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 071

Being brunch veterans we all scoped out the menu before brunching. Each of us were immediately drawn to the gooey cinnamon rolls. This starter came with 3 rolls which was prefect for our trio. They were delicious!

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 069

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 072

Katie ordered the soft scrambled eggs and Kate and I split the baked eggs and grilled cheese dishes. All were great! I will warn you that Hundred Acres does have a seasonal menu, so you may find different entrees are available when you make your trip there. Nonetheless, here are some pictures of our dishes:

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 073

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 074

09-21-14 iPhone Pics 075

Other than the delicious food, this spot plays great jams. We got to jam out to Salt-n-pepa, MC Hammer, Beyoncé, and other fun artists during brunch.

All in all, this was the perfect brunch spot for us. Located right by SoHo, we were able to get some shopping done done post and pre-brunch.

Great girlfriends and great brunch… what more could a girl ask for?!


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