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My 1st Spinning Experience

Last week I participated in my 1st spinning class. Let me just skip to the conclusion: I LOVED IT. Yes, I know that I am late to the spinning game BUT better late than never, right!?

Now that you know how I felt about the class, let me tell you about my experience –

Like anything I do, I wanted to know what I was getting myself into so I Googled: what to expect at my first spin class. I read a few articles, but one thing stuck out. My butt/vag was going to be SUPER SORE after this class. Great. I mean I knew that my tush was going to ache, but every article I read said that the soreness in my lower region could last for a few days.  As if I was not intimidated already!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.27.39 PM

Other beginner useful knowledge tidbits I gained were to ask your instructor for help setting up at your first class, and sit towards the front of so you can see. Thank goodness I did both of these. Since I am shorter than most I assumed that I would just set everything on the bike at the lowest setting – incorrect. Also by sitting in the front I was able to see the instructor – I have no clue how I would have seen what was going on from a few rows back.

During my pre-class warm up, I felt good to go. I had my water and my towel. I was ready to bike forth and conquer.

Then the class started. The lights turned OFF, completely OFF! This freaked me out! I mean I did not read about this class being completely in the dark in my research. How was I supposed to know if I was blacking out if it was already dark in the class? How was I supposed to compare myself to everyone in the class and see if I looked funny? How was I supposed to judge the people that actually DO look funny? Thankfully I did not blackout.  As for judging myself and other people, I am still working on perfecting that.

After the first few songs my JAM came on, Kiesza – Hideaway. To be honest I have lots of JAMS, but when this song came on during my spinning class I got PUMPED UP. I actually never considered this song one of my JAMS until it came on during the class. I have no idea why, but I found myself so pumped up that I started belting out the song. No shame. I honestly think that the music is so loud in the class that no one could really here me. Still I perfected the “ventriloquist” during the course of the class and belted out each song played barely moving my lips. Please tell me that some of you all do this too!?

I loved the set up of the spinning room I was in. If you are lucky enough to have mirrors around the room, do yourself a favor and sit by one.  When you get to the flat-back positions check yourself out. I promise you, you will be saying, “DAMN I LOOK GOOD!” Seriously seeing myself work out hard during this class kept me super motivated.

After the cool down, I was sweaty, worked out, and extremely satisfied.  Now I know that most of you probably have already taken a spinning class, but if you haven’t seriously do yourself a favor and sign up! I am so sad that it took me this long to try the class out!  It was an AMAZING workout!  Tons of sweat and tons of calories being burned.


I HAD TO BUY THIS – my butt was literally sore for 3 days after my 1st class. After buying this baby, I was only sore immediately after the class.

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