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Clothes Cleanse

CLOTHES CLEANSE – the process of ridding your closet from clothes and accessories that GOTS TO GO.

For me – going through my clothes and accessories, reorganizing them, and getting rid of them is quite the process. And when I say process … I mean a process. It is as follows:

STEP 1: Get a glass of wine

STEP 2: Decide the order of which closet/chest of drawers to go through

STEP 3: Realize that I have finished my wine and refill the glass

STEP 4: Pull out the 1st bundle of clothing that needs to be assessed

Example of one 'bundle' of clothing - my t-shirts/tanks drawer

Example of one ‘bundle’ of clothing – my t-shirts/tanks drawer

STEP 5: Decide to keep everything in that bundle of clothing

STEP 6: Realize that I have finished my wine and refill the glass

STEP 7: Rethink the fact that I have not gotten rid of anything and go back through the bundle of clothing

STEP 8: Get rid of a couple articles of clothing

STEP 9: Feel accomplished and pour another glass of wine to celebrate

REPEAT steps 4-9 until all clothing and accessories has been sifted through

As you can see, I make this quite the enjoyable process for myself. This is such an enjoyable process that I usually plan for my “Clothes Cleanse” to span for 3-5 days (just like a juice cleanse).

Here are some things that I try to cleanse my closet of:

  • Clothes that are hanging on by a thread. If you ever look in my closet you will see that I have tons of clothes that still have the price tag on it. BAD. It is not that I do not like the clothes that I buy, it is the sheer fact that I am a creature of habit. I put together outfits that I like then go back to these same outfits over and over again forgetting to include my new purchases in my outfit rotation. This means that a lot of my clothes get worn out quite quickly. One thing that I like to do when going through my closet and getting rid of clothes is getting rid of those things that are literally hanging on by a thread. For me, these things are the hardest to get rid of because DUH I wear them a lot. I just try to remember that I am a 27 year old with a great job and classy friends, so I do not need to be walking around in ratty clothes.
  • Clothes that DO NOT fit. After college, it was hard for me to get rid of my favorite outfits. Unfortunately, I worked at a job that basically forced me to give up having any physical activity. After a year, those college clothes did not fit, and I had to just LET GO. It was a sad time as I was sad to say goodbye to great clothes AND I realized that I had literally just let myself (and my waistband) go. Nowadays, I have the opposite situation. I have started a new job and am about to workout and have a healthier diet. Now I am getting rid of clothes that are too B I G on me. Woo!
  • Clothes that haven’t been worn in a year. Let’s face it. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably will not wear it again. The only exception to this rule is formal wear and suits. Because you may not have an opportunity to wear formalwear or suits every year, just make sure that these articles of clothing still fit you before keeping.

I actually went through a Clothes Cleanse this past week. I try to do a cleanse every 3 or 4 months (basically before the seasons change). During my most recent clothes cleanse, I got rid of the following:

  • 1 Bikini
  • 1 Sweatshirt
  • 2 Bras
  • 3 Dresses
  • 3 Necklaces
  • 3 Pairs of Pants
  • 4 Shirts
  • 5 Pairs of Earrings
  • 6 Rings
  • 6 Sunglasses
  • 7 Sweaters
  • 7 Tank Tops
  • 10 Blouses
  • 14 Bracelets

WVA 2014 105

SEVENTY TWO things! Now about a fourth of these things I decided were in such poor shape that I had to throw them away. What I think I will do with the other articles that I think are still very wearable is bring them to a consignment shop.

Truthfully my reasoning for going through a Closet Cleanse is not just to clean up. You’ll notice that above I said that I do my clothing cleanse before the seasons change. Why? Because that is when stores release their new seasonable lines! I have to make more space in my closet and drawers to BUY NEW THINGS! I have recently made quite a few purchases and need more space for the following reasons:

  • I have started to workout and apparently NEED to have a ton of new workout gear such as Lululemon crops and Nike Dryfit tanks. In my mind, buying new awesome clothes for working out will make me workout more. Hopefully this logic keeps working!
  • A few weeks ago was Tax Free weekend in Virginia. For some reason, I think that not having to pay tax is a great reason for me to spend beyond my means.
  • I recently went on a trip to New York City. SoHo. Nuff said.
  • Lastly, for those of you that do not know, my new job is at a university. This means that I now again have a college ID meaning – STUDENT/TEACHER DISCOUNTS! Of course I have been taking advantage of this perk!

I realize that I have an obscene amount of lists in this post, but as you already know, I LOVE LISTS. Hope this post inspires you to get some cleaning done AND do some shopping for new fall outfits. The leaves will be turning Orange and Maroon in no time!


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