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DIY Picture Holder

COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! With this being said I am forever looking for ways to spread my HOKIE PRIDE. Here is a fun and easy DIY project to help you share your HOKIE (or your college’s) PRIDE!

Let me start off with a little bit of background:

Other than my Hokie Bird magnet, I had no “this is my life outside of work” pictures on my desk at my old job. Instead, my desk was cluttered with papers, folders, and binders. One reason was because I never really had a chance to decorate my cube. For the first three years, I was in a rotational program, so I was never at a certain space for more than a year. Another reason was because the beau and I worked together. I just thought it would be creepy to have pictures of the two of us at my desk since I already got to see him during the work day.

At my new job, I am lucky to have a larger working space. Before the files start piling up on my desk, I want to get some pictures at work to liven things up a bit. Everyone else in the office has pictures and décor on their desk so I figure that I should join in the fun!

Naturally after deciding that I need to add some décor to my work space, I go on a hunt for cute frames. Home Goods, as always, delivered awesome frames at a great price. I opted for a couple few matching frames and was on my way.

When I got home from my frame extravaganza I felt like I was missing something…

I needed a HOKIE frame! DUH! I needed more than my magnet, orange drawing, and maroon plant to showcase my HOKIE PRIDE.

So I was back out on the hunt for the perfect Hokie frame. Being that we don’t live that close to Blacksburg, Hokie frames are sometimes hard to come by. I tried the Home Goods, once again, and World Market hoping to coincidentally find an orange and maroon frame. No such luck. I then went the boutique-y route and the only Hokie frames I did find was over-priced. Granted around the Northern VA area everything is over-priced, so I was not too surprised.

I ended up falling in love with this one wooden Hokie picture holder from a boutique-y type shop. I say picture holder since it was not necessarily a “frame.” It was basically a decorated piece of wood with a burlap ribbon on it to hold a picture in place that cost ~$35.

As much as I wanted to buy it, I could not bring myself to spend that much money on a painted piece of wood with ribbon. I probably visited this boutique three times in one week to admire the picture holder and debate with myself whether I should shell out the dough for it or not. As beautiful as it was, I just could not do it. I thought to myself I CAN MAKE THIS. So later that week, I found myself at Michael’s getting everything I needed to make my own picture holder.

Here is what I ended up with, and I love it!


I wanted to share this SIMPLE project with you so that you could make your own picture holder too! Now, you do not have to paint it in your college colors, but why not?! It is perfect timing with College Football season upon us!


  • Piece of Sanded Wood
  • Wood Stain
  • Paint Brush
  • Your Choice of Paint Colors
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Stencils or Painter’s Tape or Sponge Shapes (optional)

WVA 2014 097

Before getting started with this project want to share a quick cleaning tip. With crafting, I believe that clean up begins when you start. Set yourself up to NOT make a mess and be able to clean up easily. Being an avid shopper I have so many shopping bags. When working on craft projects I always cut and lay out shopping bags to protect the area.

WVA 2014 112

You will see the bags pop up all through this project protecting my balcony floor and desk!

Onto the DIY Project…

  1. I started off with a sanded piece of wood. If you happen to have your own sander, you can start off with a piece of wood scrap and sand it yourself for an even cheaper project. I chose to use this piece that had a fun border, but you can always use a regular plank. Go ahead and apply wood stain to both sides of this piece of wood per the directions on the can. Make sure that everything is completely dry before you move onto Step 2.

WVA 2014 113

WVA 2014 115

  1. I wanted to do a polka dot design, and had fun sponges laying around to help me out. You can also use stencils to make fun designs OR use painter’s tape to make stripes. I painted on my HOKIE colored dots on the stained wood.


  1. After everything was dry I tied my bow on. I put a little tape on the back of my picture to hold it in place and I was done! My frame was complete!


Now I can have EVEN MORE HOKIE PRIDE on my desk!

The good thing about this project is that other than the wood that you use, you will be able to re-use everything else for future projects. You can even make these frames for your friends!

I planned to just prop this frame up against a wall. If you want to hang it to a wall in your home you can buy frame fasteners, or if you want to prop it up you can always buy a little frame easel.

Now, do on and conquer! E-mail me at if you need any help OR want me to make you a frame!


One comment on “DIY Picture Holder

  1. Aroon Melane
    August 19, 2014

    I love it! And it so customizable!

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