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Paper Dresses

My obsession with paper goes much further than stationery.     How far?  So far that I like to make PAPER DRESSES.

Now you may be asking, ‘Where would one wear a paper dress?’    Answer:  A THEME PARTY.  Duh.

FLASHBACK to my college days…

I attended a theme party where my date and I were going to perform an Urban Dictionary skit.  Naturally I needed to dress up like a dictionary.  To do this, I simply took the pages out of a dictionary to make the skirt of my dress.


I then kept a few pages as props.  Also, a fashion-forward sorority sister also made a bow for my dress as well as a bow hair accessory.


Unfortunately, the days of college when there would be a theme party every weekend are long gone.  Trust me though, you can still throw a good old-fashioned theme party post- college.

Take for example this piece of wrapping paper artwork that I created for a post-college Christmas Party.

This dress was simply made by stapling pleats of wrapping paper to desk calendar pages.  The desk calendar pages were then stapled together to make a Christmas dress.


As you can see I have a prop little stapler should any wardrobe malfunctions occur.  To be truthful, getting into and out of cabs that night was a bit tricky, but still possible.



Once again a bow was created from the paper as a nice accessory.


And my last fun little tid bid.  After this Christmas party I posted this fun Facebook picture.  No lie, I had a man-piece within the month.  This goes to tell you – making paper dresses gets you men.  Truth.


I hope that you can see from this post that paper can be used for MUCH more than stationery.  I hope that this post also inspires you to go above and beyond when dressing up for theme parties AND maybe inspires you to throw a theme party of your own!


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