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July Stationery Update

I know that it has been awhile since I have posted a stationery update. Life has been super hectic recently (the good kind of hectic), but I will share more of that with you in a later post!

So about the stationery…

Orders have been going well! I have AMAZING clients who always keep me on my toes by challenging my creativity. I cannot wait to share all of these new creations with you all! I am currently working on updating my stationery portfolio, so expect to see new prints added in the upcoming weeks.

I want to give a HUGE ‘thank you’ to everyone who has ordered stationery from me in the past few months. Your support has meant the world to me! You also have to remember that when I am working on stationery I am not monopolizing the living room TV. This means that the beau is able to watch whatever he wants without me taking over to watch The Bachelorette or So You Think You Can Dance.  So… he thanks you too!

Recently, I have been trying to give back by using my newfound stationery hobby. Truthfully, it was a bit tough for me to find an outlet where I could use stationery to benefit others. I would think to myself, “How can I change the world with my stationery?” Of course I think that my stationery is that influential. Duh.  But really, I wanted to be able to help others by doing something that I love doing.

Then I figured out one thing I could do… I decided to donate my stationery for silent auctions! Here are a few prints that I donated to a chapter of my sorority for their silent auction:







I have donated to a couple fundraising events, and I hope that my stationery helps make money for good causes. From sorority philanthropies to cultural organizations – I hope to continue supporting the goals of others!  If you have a silent auction I can donate to OR any other ideas of how my stationery can help YOU do good just let me know!

One of the trends that I am enjoying now is layered prints on stationery. I used the mixed prints on clothing fad as an inspiration for mixing prints on stationery. I will be posting those designs for you in their own special post!

Orders for birthdays and showers have been super popular! I have gotten orders for packs of birthday cards to keep on hand, which are tons of fun to make. It also seems like there are tons of bridal showers and baby showers going on, so I have gotten requests for ‘thank you’ cards to shower soon-to-be brides and mothers with.

Keep your eye out for portfolio updates and posts about new prints!

To order stationery send an email to me at!



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