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Food Pressure

Do you know what Food Pressure is? No, it is not the pressure that builds between your stomach and beltline after a hearty meal. And no, it is not the pressure that builds up within your stomach when you have eaten too much and your food is searching for an exit. Food Pressure occurs when food, as an inanimate object, is somehow able to force you to believe that you NEED TO EAT IT NOW.

This blog post is about how susceptible I am to Food Pressure. Incase you cannot tell, I am VERY susceptible.

Looking back, I never feel like I really gave into peer pressure. Letting someone else boss me into doing something that I did not want to do did not appeal to me. Growing up I was very particular and always wanted to do things my way.

In the back of my mind, I sometimes think that I can attribute myself not giving into peer pressure by the idea that I could have been the peer pressure-er. I do not know why but even though I hated people trying to boss me around, I happened to be quite bossy. Nonetheless, growing up I did not think that I ever did anything that I did not want to do.

Well apparently food is something that is harder for me to say ‘no’ to!

I do not know what it is, but I give into Food Pressure quite often. Actually I know exactly what it is, I have no self-control. When looking at a menu with pictures, it is as if a bacon cheeseburger speaks to me and says, “Order me or you will regret it and die.” So of course I eat it, because I do not want to regret it and die.


Even when I am full there are times that I push myself to finish my food because, of course, it won’t taste good tomorrow. I can always be convinced to split a dessert or an appetizer. Hell, I can be convinced to split an extra entrée a well! Whatever it is, I find it very hard to say ‘no’ to food. Just surfing the web, looking at a menu, watching a commercial or seeing Pinterest posts can cause undeniable Food Pressure.

pinterest block

Now there is a down side to giving into Food Pressure (besides the inevitable weight gain).  I hate to say it, but sometimes the pictures are better than what you actually get. The worst is eating something that YOU KNOW is horrendous for you, then it not tasting as good as you thought it would. Talk about wasted calories.

So do you suffer from Food Pressure? If you do, then no worries. . . I believe that people that do not indulge in some of these Food Pressures are definitely not living their life to the fullest. I have convinced myself that sometimes you need to just give in to the so called food gods. If you don’t give in everyone once in awhile, these food gods will stop creating new food obsessions.

So why did I write this post? I wrote this post to let you know that Food Pressure is a real thing. For me it is WORSE than any type of peer pressure I have ever encountered. Over the years, Food Pressure has grown to be more intense. With this being said I think that there are a few checks and balances that you can use to try to help control Food Pressure. As I stated before, I by no means am able to say ‘no’ to Food Pressure all the time, but I try to use these guidelines when giving in:

  • Eat with your ‘healthier’ friends
    –   When doing this, they usually will say no to Food Pressure which will give you the courage to do so too. There is support    in numbers.
    –  If you must indulge, have your skinnier friend try out the order first. If it is not worth the calories, they will surely let you know!
  • Go with what you know. If it was worth it before, then it will be worth it again. When dealing with calories, I say don’t try something new. This could backfire on you in MULTIPLE ways:
    –   This something new may turn out to not be worth it then BOOM you have just inhaled 1000 calories that were not worth it
    –   This something new may turn out to be awesome and BOOM here is another food that you are addicted to and MUST HAVE all the time.
  • Retail Rewards. If I say no to 3 desserts, then I get a Kate Spade purse.

Hope these tips help and hope that this post let you know that you are not alone, since I too cannot say no to Food Pressure all the time.

pizza box


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