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Must Have Macaroons

Macaroons are my new dessert obsession.  What is not to like?  They are bite size, and you can make them in practically any dessert flavor.  Let’s say you are in the mood for chocolate and pistachios, macaroons give you 3 dessert choices.  You have a choice of getting a macaroon with pistachio shells and chocolate filling OR a macaroon with chocolate shells and pistachio filling OR a chocolate macaroon and a pistachio macaroon.    YES.  Macaroons are ready to please and oh so satisfying.

CONFESSION – I have eaten a handful of macaroons in one sitting.  In my defense, it was like having little tastes of multiple desserts since they come in many different flavors.  I can scarf these things down the way that I inhale sleeves of thin mints.  No shame, I know that we have all been through a sleeve of thin mints in one sitting.  Right?

If you have ever had a macaroon, I am sure that you fell in love with the dessert.  I also know that you probably paid a pretty penny since these drops of heaven are not modestly priced.  At the point of recognizing how much you were spending on macaroons you probably thought to yourself, “money is no object” or “OMG I need to learn how to make these before I go broke.”

I thought the latter to myself, and decided to do some macaroon research.  This included perusing Pinterest and  Googling “how to make macaroons” and “easy macaroons.” Then I saw that Martha Stewart happened to have macaroons featured in her magazine when I went through my macaroon research phase, so of course I bought a copy.  She provided me with a great article and test recipes.  I hung up good ole’ Martha’s article in my kitchen… and it has not been touched in months.  Why!?  Because sadly, I am not freaking Martha Stewart.  Seeing those perfect macaroon pictures did not help.  Instead, they intimidated me.  I thought of those horrible ‘Pinterest Fails’ and how my macaroons would be the perfect addition to those lists.

So I did the next best thing.  I turned to Sur La Table!  They offer amazing cooking classes and I was happy to find out that they offered a macaroon making class.  Bonus – it was right around Mother’s Day so I took my mom to the class with me!

For those of you that know my hilarious mother, let me indulge your curiosity on how she did in a class setting.

Our class at Sur La Table had 5 students.  We were broken up into 2 groups.  This basically meant that EVERYONE would get to participate in the macaroon making process.  Since we were making 3 different macaroon flavors, it was a guarantee that we would all get our turn at each station.

My mother did not grasp that concept.

She monopolized our mixer station making the shell batter for the first macaroon.  When making the second batch I literally had to pry the spatula out of her hand and give it to our new found friend on our team.  There are no words that can describe the glare that my mother gave me while she reluctantly handed over the batter.

02-Mom Mixer 03-Mom Whip

Oh, but that was not all.  Later in class our teacher requested a volunteer to help with the stove.  A younger woman in our class, who happened to be standing beside the stove, made it up to the stove first as my mom was literally running to snag the spot.  That time, her glaring eyes were no longer aimed at me.

Other than the aforementioned experiences, my mom just hogged the trays a bit and tried to pick out her shells before everyone else took the ‘good ones.’  The saddest part of the day though was when my mom dropped her bag of finished macaroons in the parking lot.  They shattered, but I assured her that they would still taste delicious… which they did!  It was such a fun class to attend with my mom, and her antics made it that much more entertaining!

Now for the class: it was amazing!

Upon entering the glass we had our aprons and booklets ready for us.  Our teacher, Paula, took the time to go through the booklet which has our recipes, definitions, tips, and ingredients in it.

01-Mom Intro

Then we were up and at ‘em,  working in our stations to make our yummy macaroons!  We learned how to get the perfect consistency and also saw what the incorrect consistencies would look like.  Paula helped us perfect our batters and our trays for baking.  Then we got to eat our creations and pack up a baggie to go!

05-Mom Cookies 04-Kaye Cookies

One of the best things about the class was that we got a coupon for Sur La Table.  If you recall I am a Marketer’s Dream, so of course I spent a lot more than I should have.

It was a great experience!  I definitely want to take more Sur La Table classes – not just for the coupon!


I will definitely be making macaroons in the future, BUT for the time being I hope that you enjoy this macaroon stationery.


If you would like to order some of this yummy stationery send me your order at!



3 comments on “Must Have Macaroons

  1. Lizelle
    June 10, 2014

    Great post!! I loooove macarons too!! I can soo picture your mom in that class hehe!

  2. mysketchbookproject
    June 18, 2014

    These look awesome!

  3. Stephanie
    June 21, 2014

    Oh man, I love macarons. I tried to make them four or five times but was only successful once. I think I mixed the egg whites for too long. Tricky stuff, but so worth it if you can do it on your own 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

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