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NewsBlur Review

For those of you who do not know, my workplace blocks about 50% of the World Wide Web from being viewed through our servers.  I cannot check Gmail, look at friends’ wedding websites, listen to Pandora, or read most blogs.  Even some key words can cause a website to be blocked…you get the picture.

Recently, the company that I work for created its own internal streaming music site (since streaming music only works on the weekends here).  This site basically plays the same 40 songs over and over.  I listened to the ‘pop’ station for a few days. When I realized that I memorized the order that the songs played in, I switched over to the ‘easy listening’ station.  Apparently, all 40 songs that were deemed to be of the pop genre are also in the easy listening genre.

I digress…

A few months after starting my job, I realized that I was able to get to my Google account, and just the Gmail portion was blocked.  I could get to all of my Google Docs, and I also found that this portion of the site called Google Reader worked. For those of you who did not use Google Reader, it was awesome.  You could view and save website feeds to Google Reader and have all of your daily reads all in one place.   No reason to toggle from website to website scrolling through feeds to find where you left off.  Google Reader had all your unread feeds marked and ready for you to read.

For me, the best thing about Google Reader was that blogs and feeds that were blocked by my workplace were now viewable. Google Reader did the trick and pulled my saved blogs and feeds into its interface. I saved feeds like Bitches Who Brunch and Thought Catalog, but Google Reader had the ability to save worldly things like FOX NEWS feeds, etc.

Then it happened. In 2013, Google announced that it was no longer going to continue Google Reader.  I was devastated.   How was I going to keep up with all of the Suri’s Burn Book and Buzzfeed posts without Google Reader?

Enter NEWSBLUR to save the day!

NewsBlur uses the same concept as Google Reader where you save sites and blogs to your account and are able to pull them up and read them through the NewsBlur interface.  Thank Goodness!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.02.28 PM

NewsBlur offers paid for accounts (which I do not have).  I do fine with my free NewsBlur account. Since I am not the most technologically in tune I find the free capabilities of NewsBlur to be all I need.  You can save up to 64 feeds with your free account.  NewsBlur also has an app so you can checkup on your feeds from your cell or tablet.

My only complaint is that a handful of sites do not show up, I believe that only sites with an RSS feed will show up on NewsBlur?  Or maybe I need a paid account. I will have to do research on that since paperplanesandpinot is not yet viewable on NewsBlur.

I HIGHLY recommend NewsBlur for anyone who has a bunch of sites or blogs that they read regularly.  All of the posts that you have not read are marked as un-read so you know exactly where you left off.  It is great for lunch breaks at work or morning coffee reading!

I know that I am not the most technologically savvy person, so if you do not want to take my word about NewsBlur Google some of the reviews out there.  I am not the only one loving it! – Try it out!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.16.21 PM


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