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M is for Monogram

Personalized stationery is something I am always willing to splurge on.   That is because I think that sending letters is very personal, and receiving handwritten notes is a treat. Monogrammed stationery perfect since it never looses style and is very classic/chic.

While in college I wanted anything and everything with my sorority letters on it. I think that my love for sorority letters being embroidered on everything from t-shirts to sweatshirts to towels and bags translated to wanting my monogram on everything post-college.

The oxfords that brides get their bridesmaids with their monograms on it… adore.  Silk robes with monograms… to die for.  Monogram necklaces in silver, gold, and tortoise shell…

So I only thought that it would be appropriate to start making monogram stationery.  Here are some examples of a print that I made my blog editor:




Monogram stationery is a great gift.  You could get it for a new bride OR as a gift for a graduate to keep in touch with friends as they start the next chapter in their lives.   Also they are a good gift for yourself… you deserve it!  Send your friends letters on classy stationery rather than on drab cards.  They will think that you are ADORE!

If you would like to order any personalized monogram stationery, please email me at!


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