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April Goals – Update!

The numbers are in and [Drumroll]… I got 10,000 steps on my FitBit every day in April!  I am not going to lie – this was a S T R U G G L E for me. **Note that the Y-Axis starts at 10k.




I started to walk to work every day.  If you have read my Spring Prints are Here Post, you would know that I am totally against walking to work.  I survived though.  I even bought myself a new Kate Spade purse that make it easier for me to carry my shoes in.

I walked down my apartment parking garage on my way to work each day then back up it on my way home in an effort to get more steps.  I went on runs after brunch and post-brunch naps to meet my step quota.  These runs consisted of my running around my apartment building so I could stop AS SOON as I reached my goal.  I forced friends to walk to dinner as opposed to driving and pleaded with my boyfriend to take laps around the airport while waiting for our flights opposed to sitting in the US Airways lounge.  I even took late night strolls around the halls of my apartment building to hit that coveted 10k steps.

I even got monsoon-ed on one day on my way to work.  It was barely drizzling that day, so I took the umbrella and went on my way (just like I did all the other days it was drizzling… those damn April Showers).  Then as I got to the parking lot stretch of my walk (aka past all of the cover that could have been provided when I was walking between buildings) it started to monsoon.  When I finally got to work, my pants were soaked and water poured from my shoes like a pitcher.  I had to use the beau’s car (thank goodness we work in the same building) to head back home and change.

I would not be truthful to all of you if I did not confess that I believe that 1 day might had had a little bit of skewed results.  I went on a wine tour one day, and I think that since I was riding in the back of the bus, that some of the bumps in the road were counted as steps.  I am not sure how many bumps were counted as steps, BUT I did see a couple of them clock during my usual FitBit check.

Lesson learned… walking to work isn’t too bad.   I think that I may continue on days that it is nice outside.  I definitely relaxed on my diet this past month, and thank goodness I was getting those steps to keep my weight in check.  I still logged in a net loss for the month even after my gluttonous trip to Vegas.

I also jumped onto AMW’s goal and decided to reach out to some friends with a hand written note.  I wrote a different friend each day of the month.  I really enjoyed the responses that I got back!  It was definitely a good way to keep in touch.  I also got to build my stationery portfolio.  I created a different stationery pattern for each letter that I wrote!  They are ALL below for your viewing pleasure.

apr1 apr2 apr3 apr4 apr5 apr6 apr7 apr8 apr9 apr10 apr11 apr12 apr13 apr14 apr15 apr16 apr17 apr18 apr19 apr20 apr21 apr22 apr23 apr24 apr25 apr26 apr27 apr28 apr29 apr30

And now let me let AMW update you on her goal:

I FAILED. Miserably. But thanks to Kaye, I have beautiful stationary to work on my goal this next month. I will work to write at least 30 handwritten notes in the month of May! Here’s to a new month!


2 comments on “April Goals – Update!

  1. Emily
    May 8, 2014

    I recognize my note! Such a nice surprise!

    • kayesaid
      May 8, 2014

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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