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Herndon Living

A few years ago I decided to make the move from Arlington to Herndon.  Most of my friends were in disbelief.  How could this “Party-ier” go from the nightlife of Arlington (and convenience of easily being able to get into DC) to the suburbs of Herndon?

I had a few influences in this decision:

  • WORK – Moving to Herndon would mean less time in the car for me, meaning safer roads for everyone.  Traffic around the area is very hard for me to cope with, and my coping mechanism is something that most people like to call “Road Rage”.  I also figured, the less time on the road, the more time I have for myself before and after work.
  • BOYFRIEND – The beau and I decided that we wanted to move in together.  It was the right step for us in our relationship.  He is also a big advocate of not wasting away life in rush hour traffic, so he wanted to live in Herndon opposed to Arlington.
  • MONEY – Should we have decided to live in Arlington our pockets would have been a lot lighter.  Herndon is a lot cheaper than Arlington, and there are less temptations to always go out for meals.  With all of this saved money we have been able to travel…a lot.  In the grand scheme of things I am happy that my money is going towards traveling and not towards rent.
  • LIVING – We live in a completely renovated apartment in Herndon in a great community.  We have valet trash pick up, not that I would actually be taking out the trash, but this saves the beau from having to do that chore.  We also have stairs in our apartment… STAIRS.  The last place other than a dorm that I lived in that had stairs was my parent’s place.   Imagine the cost of the equivalent of this place in Arlington.

Needless to say, I have been very happy with my decision to live in Herndon.  A few things, such as the fact that we still have tons of friends in Arlington make it easier.  If we ever need a place to sleep after a night out, we always have one.  I also make it a point to eat dinner with a “City Friend” at least once a week to make sure that I keep in touch, just as I would as if I was living in Arlington.

I know the most important question on all of your minds… Are there good brunch spots?  YES there are!  First off, I still do go to brunch in the city.  When I do, my awesome boyfriend will usually book a tee time for a course close to DC and he will drop me off at brunch before his round then pick me up after.  Luckily, I have some awesome friends that have come out to the burbs for brunch.  Close to Herndon here are my favorite picks:

Ted’s Bulletin

They do not have a bottomless deal here, so I usually opt for a few mimosas then top it off with an adult milkshake.  My flavor of choice is Banana’s Foster.  This milkshake is TO DIE for.  Seriously, I cannot go to Ted’s and not have this milkshake.  The food at Ted’s is amazing.  I have had a few of their brunch dishes and I have liked all that I have had.

Ted's 1

Ted's 2

Ted's 3

I have loved all the dishes I have tried here, and it is on my list to come back for dinner!


THIS is a bottomless brunch spot.  All of the drinks are bottomless, and you can switch between the drinks.  Their menu is also bottomless.  Most of the time when I think of bottomless food I think that the plates will come out as tapas.  Not at Paolo’s.  You get bottomless MEALS.

My suggestion would be to either split at the plates OR make sure that you order what looks best to you 1st before you get stuffed.  The only thing tricky about splitting plates is that the dishes don’t come in split portions.  For example, they have a steak dish, and the steak isn’t pre-cut, so you would have to cut for everyone to be able to share.  This may not seem like a task, but trust me, 10 mimosas in and splitting dishes becomes tricky.

This post is NOT at all to say that everyone should abandon City Living and come live in the burbs with me.  Where would I be able to crash if you all moved out here?!

I will admit the first month after moving to Herndon I wondered if I had made the right decision.  I had serious FOMO.  After that I have been 100% sure that it was the right decision for me.  Living close to work increased my quality of life ten-fold.  The money that we have saved living here has been used to go on some amazing vacations.  There are tons of awesome restaurants around here, and we are still able to keep up with our friends.  Most importantly, there are awesome brunch spots to enjoy even though we are a bit further from the city!




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