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Blue Apron Review

I love to cook.  The beau and I, when in town without brunch plans, will usually make a big, traditional, delish breakfast.  During big holidays I love going home and helping out with the huge spread that my mom makes for all of her guests.  Unfortunately, there are times that I slave over the stove and the meals that come out are huge disappointments.

Here is where Blue Apron comes to the rescue!

So first things first… What is Blue Apron?

The Blue Apron website can probably describe the process/product the best, but if you are too lazy to click the link above (no judgment) here is a little description by yours truly:

Blue Apron is an online service that provides recipes and the needed ingredients to make them to your doorstep.  Every week 3 different recipes are posted on the website.  Your job at that point is to decide if you would like to order these meals/ingredients to be delivered to your doorstep.  If you choose to order the meals note that all 3 are delivered to you (you cannot pick and choose if you only like 1 or 2 of the recipes.  Each meal comes with 2 servings.  The only ingredients that Blue Apron assumes that you have are salt, pepper, and olive oil.  All other ingredients are sent to you in a refrigerated box.  There is a vegetarian menu if meat does not float your boat.  The recipes provided are health conscious, only take about 30 minutes to make, and cost a little less than $10 per meal.

Now for my review…

I LOVE BLUE APRON.  I will only order for the week if I like all 3 meals since you are not able to pick and choose which meals are delivered to you.  Compared to going out, $10 a meal is quite affordable.  The meals are more than enough food, I actually usually have leftovers.

The ingredients you receive are QUALITY.  The produce is fresh and the cuts of meat are great!  I would LOVE to find out where Blue Apron outsources from.

The meals usually take about half an hour to make.  The recipe directions are GREAT.  There are pictures for you to follow as well.  It really is hard to mess up these meals.  I will warn you that there is usually a good amount of chopping and mincing so make sure that your knives are sharp and ready to go!

I could make these meals on my own, BUT having my awesome cooking partner makes things a lot easier. The beau is awesome a chopping, mincing, sautéing, mixing, peeling, and searing. I am awesome at keeping us entertained in the kitchen.

I think that a way that Blue Apron is able to maintain a good profit margin is the fact that they give you the perfect portion of your ingredients.  They are able to buy expensive sauces  and other ingredients in bulk then perfectly portion for each order.  This works to OUR benefit as we are able to try recipes that we wouldn’t have even thought of making otherwise.

I have yet to have a Blue Apron meal that I do not like!  The meals are very diverse.  From Asian to European, to soups and steaks.  You will never get bored of the choices.  I have even learned a couple tricks that have made me a better cook when making non-Blue Apron meals.

Below are some pics of Blue Apron meals that we have made:

Steak Blue Apron

Salmon Blue Apron

Blue Apron Chicken

Beef Blue Apron

Now for the best part of this blog post… I have 5 free weeks of Blue Apron to give-away!  Each ‘week’ give-away consists of 3 meals of 2 servings each.

DISCLAIMER:  Blue Apron is not affiliated with this post, and the company did not provide me with these free meals for the purposes of this blog.  I have ‘earned’ these meals from Blue Apron to give to friends since I consistently order the weekly recipes. If you choose to use one of these free meals and continue using Blue Apron afterwards, you should also get some free meals to pass on as well!

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER:  To claim the free Blue Apron Meals you will have to enter in your credit card information.  You will not be charged, but you will have to create a Blue Apron account.  If you decide that Blue Apron is not your thing, you can deactivate your account.

Please leave a message or email me at if you want to try out Blue Apron!  I’ll be giving the free meals to the 1st requests I receive!





One comment on “Blue Apron Review

  1. Lizelle
    April 24, 2014

    Meeeeeeeeee! Sounds cool I want to try lol

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