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April Showers

Three things come to mind when I hear the word shower.  When hearing it in the context of the title of this blog post, I first think about weather showers: the light rain that I encounter on my walks to work.  [Sidenote:  I know that I said in an earlier post that I do not walk to work.  Since I have taken on the challenge of achieving 10,000 steps in one day I have decided to walk to work this month to help meet my goal].  The next type of shower that I think about is the shower that people take hopefully 3x a week (that is my goal).  Then there is the type of shower that this post is about.

Since I have yet to get married or birth a child I am not too savvy on the How-Tos of Bridal or Baby Showers.  I have been to quite a few showers, but I usually enjoy a bit too much champagne – truly celebrating the occasion – to remember all of the details of the event.

Usually when thinking of a gift to bring to the event I choose something off of the registry since I know that the celebrant has hand picked that gift – so they of course wants it.  If the celebrant is a close friend though, I try to get something more personal.

For Showers, ‘Thank You’ cards are the perfect personal gift!

Bridal ‘Thank You’ cards

Usually a savvy bride will order her wedding “Thank You” cards along with her wedding invitation stationery so that her whole wedding package matches.  What people sometimes forget is that they will get gifts along the way at the engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette.

Recently, a bridesmaid thought it would be a good idea to get her bride some ‘Thank You’ cards as a bridal shower gift.  Along with the bridesmaid’s help, I was able to make ‘Thank You’ Cards that the bride loved!  The cards, pictured below, were the same color scheme as the wedding!






Baby Bump ‘Thank You’ Cards

Giving ‘Thank You’ cards as a gift at a baby shower is a great gift!  Not only will the mom-to-be be able to use them for gifts that she receives at the shower, but she can also use them for gifts that are given by visitors of the new babe.





E-mail me at if you need any ‘Thank You’ cards!  Remember… you can never run out!


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