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March Update

I am going to be honest: the main reason for my blog is to talk about myself promote my stationery.   I wanted use this post to give you an update on how things are going!

For the past couple months, I have been trying to build my repertoire.  All of YOUR orders have made this possible.  I have had many print embossing designs, and now I am excited to announce that my paper embossing design experience is kicking up a notch as well!  Below are a couple of examples.

Paper Embossing w/ Die Cuts
Let me explain a bit more… You will see that the stationery paper is textured (embossed), and then there are 2 cut outs in the stationery below.  Each of those cut outs is called a Die Cut.  One of the die cuts is paper embossed (textured paper), and the other die cut has embossed print (star print).  Whew… complicated to explain BUT adorable!


You can also have the fold card with strips (or other shapes) of paper embossing.  This example also has 3 die cuts and a single print embossing.


These were ordered by a co-worker who threw her sister a baby shower.  Her idea was great: they would give away stationery as a give-away for game winners!  Love it!


Card Embossing w/ Ribbon

This is simple yet elegant stationery.  The embossed stationery is very classy and the ribbon adds a girly factor.  If you own gel pens, I recommend trying out a darker shade of stationery.  Your message will really POP!




Basically I have been doing a lot with Card Embossing.  Unless you only want a sliver of the stationery to be embossed (which is adorable as well – shown in my portfolio under Bee), I recommend opting for a fold-card.  This way you will have more space to write.

Basketball Invitation

I also had my first stab with invitations.  An A+ friend wanted to order some invitations for her son’s 11th birthday.  Her son LOVED the invitations as they were his favorite colors and revolved around one of his favorite activities, basketball. Currently, I do not fill in invitations with out all of the who, what, where, when details.  I do hope to change that soon, which I will talk about later in this post.



Gift Tags

I have also been trying out new paper-esque­ needs.  Gifts tags do not need to only be saved for Christmas.  You can use these gift tags when preparing prizes or gift giving.  I stuck with a color theme for these, but I can make them with just about every design in my portfolio (as long as it fits on the gift tag).


Needless to say, I have been keeping busy and I LOVE IT!  I do not want to lose steam though while I am rolling so below are some of my Future Plans:

  • I am learning the art of Calligraphy!   After a few months I hope to start providing calligraphy services.  As mentioned previously, I am a perfectionist .  I will make sure that I am confident in my Calligraphy talent before offering the service.   I am sure that I will update you on my progress as I learn.
  • If you have noticed I have been sticking to mostly handmade stationery not computer designed.  This is not because I do not want to design stationery on my computer because that will come once I learn more about printing.  Moving on, I will be purchasing new equipment for a new design choice.  I do not want to give too much away, but I will be able to do WHOLE invitations once I have this equipment (with the who, what, where, when completed for you).  I will also be able to do a lot more than just that… details to come in a later post.

The last of my Future Plans is more personal, but COULD affect you!  I will be traveling to VEGAS later this month.  I wanted to give you a heads up about this since Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  Stationery is a GREAT Mother’s Day gift as you can give me a description to make the stationery very personal.  With shipping, I would estimate about a 2-week turnaround.  I usually complete orders within a week and can hand deliver for locals around the Northern VA area.  With all this being said, it would be best to get your Mother’s Day order in sooner rather than later!

E-mail me at to make an order!


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