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Confessions of a Marketer’s Dream

I am a Marketer’s Dream. When Marketing Executives sit in a conference room to strategize what promotions will attract their target audience, I am that target audience. What can I say? No matter what the product is I can always make myself feel like I need it. It is a gift.

I am already so far down that I do not think that I can dig myself out.  I forever will be a Marketer’s Dream, BUT I want to help you save yourself if you can. Below are some WARNING SIGNS that you should be made aware of… because if you do not heed the warming signs you soon may be classified as a Marketer’s Dream.

Buying the more expensive of 2 products just because one is ‘prettier.’
I needed a refill on my car air freshener. I had 2 choices (both made by the same brand):

  • The rectangular apple scented refill packet that fit into the rectangular holder that I already owned
  • The new apple scented refill packet that was apple shaped and red that I would need to purchase a new apple shaped holder for as well

Of course I paid the extra $2 for the apple shaped refill packets and bought the new apple shaped holder.  You may be wondering: was the new refill packet/holder larger than the old one that I had?  The answer is ‘no.’ You probably see this as a loss for me, but I see it as a win. I got a cuter car freshener.


BOGO deals making you buy more than you need
I work in a business casual atmosphere so I wear black pumps to work just about every day of the week.  With this being said I always buy the same pair of black pumps when the current pair is ready to be ditched.  There always seems to be a BOGO half off deal when I need to buy a new pair of pumps. Instead of walking out the door with the just pair of pumps that I went in for, I always seem to walk out with another pair as well.  It is physically impossible for me not to take advantage of BOGO half off sales at shoe stores. I have now given blue patent leather pumps, green wedges, green tweed pumps + a closet full of barely worn pumps a warm and cozy home.

“Taking advantage” of student discount deals
Have you ever noticed that the stores that offer student discounts are usually pricier which means students on a budget should not be shopping there? When I was in college, I technically should not have been shopping because I needed all my money to support my Downtown Blacksburg escapades. I rationalized my shopping addiction by convincing myself that I needed new outfits to wear while out.  A catch with using your student discount is that sometimes you BANK on that student discount. You finish shopping and get to the register only to find out your student discount cannot be combined with other promotions.  Does that make me put those items back on the shelf since I could not use my student discount? No, of course not. I am already hooked!

You consider Black Friday a National Holiday
I get just as excited about Black Friday as I do for Thanksgiving.  During Thanksgiving, I am thankful for everything that I have in my life (both material and non-material).  Then the next day, I go out and buy more things to be thankful for.  Now I really do think that you get great deals on Black Friday, if you get the door buster deals that start the evening before. I don’t know what it is about Black Friday, but something magical happens and I am even more likely to buy things that are not a perfect fit on Black Friday.  I always convince myself that I can buy a size larger and shrink it OR a size smaller and drop that 5 pounds that I gained during my Thanksgiving Meal.  I fall for all of the gimmicks. I have to BUY BUY BUY as if stores are not prepared for all of the before Christmas mania and they will all run out of my size.   Trust that in my mind I believe that all Black Friday deals are once in a lifetime.

Buying “package deals” when you do not need everything in the package
There was a lip-gloss that I had wanted to try. When I went into to buy the lipgloss I was shocked to see that one tube costs $25.  I thought to myself that I probably should Just Say No and not get the lipgloss. Then I strolled down the aisle and saw that the same lipgloss was being packaged with a sample primer for $30. I did not need primer, BUT that was a deal! Since I was getting two things, it seemed like the $30 was a steal to me.  Now I have the lipgloss (that I use) and an unused primer sample. One day, when I run out of primer and am too busy to run out to get more, that primer sample will be worth GOLD to me.

A small coupon can persuade you to make a LARGE purchase
I took a stationery class to learn how to use Letterpress machinery.  Because I took this class, I got a 10% off coupon for any purchase that I made right after the class.   Because I had to use the coupon right after the class, I did not have time to think about making this large purchase. Therefore, after spending hundreds of dollars, I came home with a Letterpress machinery. Now, this Letterpress machine is one of my most prized possessions.   I will not forget that feeling of having to buy the Letterpress machine right then and there.  I could not wait another day to buy it, although I waited about 2 weeks to use it. Technically meaning, I did not need the Letterpress machine that day.

I am glad I could confess to you some of the times I have been a Marketer’s Dream.  Hopefully you can take my experiences to save yourself!  I get gimmicked enough for all of us!



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