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Travel Thursday – Grand Canyon

March Madness is HERE.  Now, take out your bracket that you filled out.  Did you have the ARIZONA WILDCATS winning it all!?  If you did, I am so excited for you to win your pool, get tons of cash, and get tons of bragging rights!

The beau is a Wildcat and I have grown to LOVE Arizona from our trips there!

So… if you couldn’t guess, this installment of Travel Thursday is all about ARIZONA!

We have traveled through Arizona a couple of times and there is way too much goodness in that state to fit into one post.  Although it may seem logical to do an installment about Tucson, the home of Wilbur the Wildcat, I will instead dedicate this post to the Grand Canyon.  My reasoning as follows – I am going to Tucson again this Fall, and I want to have one more trip’s worth before passing on all the best restaurants, bars, and activities.

With this being said, let me share with you my Grand Canyon experience!

What do you think of when you think of the Grand Canyon?  Steep cliffs?  Beautiful landscapes?  Donkeys doing all the hard work carrying you and all of your belongings? Road Runner out-smarting Wile E. Coyote?

Personally I was excited about hiking and rock climbing through the beautiful landscape.  I imagined a grueling hike where I would need to also climb up steep rocks to reach the breath taking and rewarding views.  I would be wearing my sunglasses basking in the sun while working up a sweat.  I would be ‘glistening’ in all of the pictures.

Basically, this is what I imagined the Grand Canyon hike to be like:



Pulling myself up…


Moving on… did you know that it is COLD at the Grand Canyon. . . especially in October?  I DID NOT.  I packed a pair of shorts and a tank top and a long sleeved top.  Imagine my surprise when we pull up and everyone is in PARKA jackets and jeans.  I thought to myself, “Man, people here have no clue what cold really is.”  Then I stepped out of the car and got smacked by a gust of wind reality.

BACKGROUND:  I admit I did not pay much attention during geography class.  I had no clue that there could be a 40° temperature difference between the top and bottom of the Canyon.  To be honest, sometimes my brain conjures up truths that it believes are reality.  At that point, I usually do not have to do research because my brain is logical; therefore, everything it comes up with is true.  In this situation, my boyfriend did not question my packing choices because I usually do research and plan out outfits very meticulously.

Here is me freezing at the Grand Canyon (cheesing of course):


Here is everyone else in layers and jackets, also freezing, at the Grand Canyon:


My boyfriend, too, was under dressed, but for a different reason from me.  He prides himself on his efficient packing.  He went on a 1 week cruise with a carry-on bag, only putting his suit in my check-bag so that it would not wrinkle.  On this Grand Canyon excursion he packed gym shorts and a long sleeve shirt to be space efficient, so there we were in the same predicament.  Two love birds, freezing at the Grand Canyon.

Anyways we decided to get coffee as you can see in my picture above.  This was mistake #2.  Did you know that bathrooms are scarce around rim of the Grand Canyon, let alone down the descent to the bottom?  Either the coffee of the descent down Angel Trail warmed me up BUT it did come with a price.  I did not get to bask in the view as much as I wanted since I was in a hurry to find a restroom! Needless to say – don’t make this mistake.

Even with these ‘obstacles’ the Grand Canyon trip was amazing.  Hiking was tons of fun, but it was also nice enjoying nature.  While these pictures do not do any justice, I hope that you enjoy them!  I definitely recommend making the trek to and through the Grand Canyon!






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