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Lists Galore

I love lists.

Work Lists

  • A list INSIDE my notebook writing out deliverables and tasks to complete
  • A list OUTSIDE my notebook on a post it note that I write down actions that I get during meetings
  • Tracking lists for processes that I need to complete with my job

Home Lists

  • Grocery List
  • Home Goods List
  • Stationery Order List
  • Vacation Wish List
  • Books that I want to Read List
  • Recipes that I want to Try List

I love lists.

Before going on vacations, I make an excel spreadsheet detailing all of my outfits.  Below is the spreadsheet that I made before a cruise that I went on last year.  It is split up by day, port, and activity.  Clothing and accessories are listed.

outfit planner

I create these spreadsheets before every trip I take for the following reasons:

  • I love lists
  • I do not want to over pack so I need to plan my outfits accordingly
  • I do not want to stress over what I am going to wear everyday so I make sure that I have already tried out the outfits that I am going to wear
  • I like to be organized while traveling
  • I love lists

Yes, the packing list may be a little excessive, but honestly, I know what you are thinking… “This is AWESOME.”  I bring the correct outfits for each activity.  When I print this out before packing, it ensures that everything makes it into my bag since I check every box off when that article of clothing or accessory makes it into my luggage.

I also make lists when hosting parties… I have the guest list, the decorations, and the menu.  When traveling I make a list of all the places that we want to go.  I actually have a whole folder that holds plane tickets and print offs of any reservations that we have or maps that we need.

My life is Lists Galore.  Basically, in case you missed it, I love lists.

I got an order for a “To Do” list, and I was so excited.  I created the below “To Do” lists that are magnets that you can hang on your fridge.





Thanks for reading you Busy Bees!  Get it?!  So clever since one of the examples has a Bee on it.

Please email if you would like to place an order for a “To-Do” List!


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