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JEOPARDY TIME – Answer: The first white hair you find, the first bags that appear under your eyes, that time when you would rather go to boozy brunch than go out for a night of debauchery.  Alex – “What are …milestones that make you feel old?”

Another milestone that has recently made me feel old was the first time that I realized that I would rather shop for apartment décor than for clothes/accessories – that moment when I was more concerned about buying storage for my jewelry than actual jewelry.   Or when I scoured Anthropologie for the perfect duvet set rather than for the perfect sundress.

I was quickly brought back down to earth soon after my home furnishings obsession started.  I realized that pretty things cost way more than a pretty penny.  Unfortunately, for me, Pinterest was not yet around when I started on my home furnishing crusade.  Because of this I had to think of home décor Money Savers myself, and I would like to share some ideas with you!

[WARNING – When I originally did these crafting projects I did not anticipate having a blog and wanting to re-cap making these projects.  Because of this I do not have many great pictures to share with you.  Hopefully you can get the picture with the pictures below!]

Ikea Furniture
One day, I made a vow that I would never purchase another piece of furniture from Ikea.  Then the next day the beau suggested that we swing by Ikea, ‘just to see what is available.’  We ended up taking home our entertainment center that I LOVE.  I am able to showcase my books, and there is also a lot of storage space.  So, how did I fall in love with this piece of furniture?  Easy… I switched the knobs that it came with for some beautiful Anthropologie knobs.  I was able to make the Ikea creation more my own by putting on knobs that reflected my style more.  The pictures below do not do justice, but they do try.

Knob on Ikea 1

Knob on Ikea 2

Entrance Way Décor
The entrance way is another place where I used knobs to craft up some home décor.  These knobs were purchased from Home Goods (Etsy and World Market also have good knob selections).  I then got smaller sanded pieces of wood from Michael’s.  You could definitely get the wood from somewhere like Home Depot or Lowe’s, but you will have to cut it into smaller pieces yourself … or maybe you would want a long plank?  Moving on, I stained the wood pieces, and then screwed in the knobs.  Lastly, I bought framing hardware and added in backing to each piece so that I could secure the plank to the wall. [Dirty Mind – I just giggled to myself because this paragraph used the words Knob and Wood and Plank and Screwed.]

Knob Block 3

Frames with Fabric
Before Pinterest popularized this idea, I hammered my own wooden frame.  Now I am thankful for Pinterest reminding me that I can just use frames that are already made – so are my fingers that have been slammed by a hammer a few too many times.  My recent struggle was that I could not decide which fabric I should use and hang around my living space.  I always need to find the perfect print.

Backtracking a bit, it took me forever to find a print that I loved for my shower curtain.  Maybe about 2 weeks after buying my shower curtain, I realized how much I did love that print.  I then proceeded to re-buy the same shower curtain (luckily it was still available and on sale).  I cut and framed this fabric for some bathroom décor.

Shower 1

Here is the West Elm shower curtain print in full:

shower print

Whatever fabric you choose to cut and frame, remember, that you do not have to use fabric from the fabric store.  If you see a printed blouse that you like or on a pillow you can use that!

Wine Cork Projects
I think that everyone that enjoys wine has pinned a Wine Cork project on Pinterest.  My wine cork project was making shelving.  I bought shelving boxes from Target that matched my room’s theme colors and then hot glue gunned wine corks together so that I could tack pictures and other memories to the cork.  For this project, specifically, I underestimated how many wine corks would be needed.  If you have a wine cork project that leaves one end of the cork hidden, remember you can the cork in half and save a few bottles for another day.

Cork 2

Jewelry Storage
I have a lot of jewelry.  Not too much jewelry since a girl can never have too much but a lot.  I hate when necklaces get tangled, so I created some necklace storage.  It was actually quite easy – I just got a bunch of hooks from Ikea.  I then found a space in my room to hang everything – usually in my walk-in closet.  I have now carried these affordable hooks to 3 different apartments.  Each apartment, I do a different design, but always love the outcome.

Jewerly 1

Note: I have a bunch of statement necklaces, so I did not feel like I needed fancy hooks.  If you think that your hangers need a little bit more bling then get more bling!

I found a deal on 6-pane windows on Craigslist.  I bought these from a woman that was doing her own home improvements and got all of the windows in her Fairfax mansion re-done.  I capitalized and bought a few of her old window panes for home decoration.  In my last apartment I hung up the window panes in my kitchen area and used dry-erase markers to meal plan.  I also hung up wedding invites and letters.    The beau and I also like to leave notes and cards for each other, so those were posted on the window panes as well as friendly and fun reminders.  We also have one pane dedicated to reminding us how awesome life is now that we have graduated from Grad school.

Window 1

Now, I have a window pane in my craft area to post up my ideas and showcase work that I am proud of.  Whatever the purpose, if you find affordable panes, I definitely suggest buying them as decoration!  You can also use them to hang pictures and art projects!

That is all for now … hope that all of these help and inspire you to take on some décor projects for your place!


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