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Introducing… Travel Thursdays

Travel Thursday Post [travuh thurz-dey pohst]
a blog entry uploaded to on a Thursday that is written about trips and vacations.

I will be dedicating Thursday posts to the topic of traveling.  I cannot promise that I will have a travel blog post every Thursday, but I will definitely give you good reads frequently.

Up this week…PORTLAND!

Now for the funny story I promised in the 1st post on this blog.

My boyfriend has an awesome hobby.  He enjoys looking up travel deals.  One day he tells me that he found an awesome deal on a trip to Portland – $124 per person.  My response was, “Done.  Book it.”  So he books the trip.  I was so excited. I recently saw a special on Portland, OR on the Food Network.  I already knew that I wanted to go visit a ton of food trucks, and of course make a trip to the infamous Voodoo Donuts.  I then start mentioning all of the above to my boyfriend.  His response was, “What is with your recent obsession with Oregon?”  Of course I was shocked.  He knows that I am a planner … why was he so surprised that I had been doing my research?  Here’s the kicker: he booked the trip to Portland, ME, not Portland, OR.  Good thing I am always down for a trip because I was not upset, rather I was excited to start researching another place.

So this post is about Portland, ME.  For those of you wishing that this post was about Portland, OR, I will be heading there this May so that post will come.  BUT from here on out in the post, it is safe to assume that I am writing about Portland, ME.

Do you enjoy seafood?  Do you enjoy beer?  Do you enjoy LL Bean?  If you enjoy two out of three of these things then you probably should take a trip to Portland.  You will love it!  If you enjoy three out of three… go to Portland right now; you will be OBSESSED with the area.

A handful of MUST DOs…

Allagash Brewery
A friend of mine suggested that the BF and I do the tasting/brewery tour here.  When we walked in we already knew we were in for a good time based on the alcohol content of each beer in the tasting.


My favorite was the Curieux.  This is a dark beer that is aged in Jim Beam bourbon barrels.  What else do I need to say: Beer and Bourbon = Done Deal.


Checkout the website [] for tasting and tour information.  The logistics have changed from when I visited the brewery.  Bad News – the tasting is now separate from the tour.  Good News – the tour is free!  Just make sure to reserve a slot ahead of time in case it is busy!

I love Oysters.  I love them raw, baked, po’boy-ed, literally every which way oysters can be made.  Eventide is where we decided to splurge on oysters.  We got to choose what COVE our oysters came from.  For all of you oyster lovers, just imagine eating raw oysters out of the shell and still tasting the salt water from the ocean.  They also have great drinks!

Maine is not famous for lobsters for nothing.  Look at how much lobster is in this thing.


The Lobster Shack at Two Lights is a must.  You know those pictures that you see of people enjoying their lobster rolls sitting at red picnic tables with the ocean in front of them and a picturesque lighthouse in the background?  Those were taken at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights.  If you are staying in the city, you will need to rent a car to get to The Lobster Shack, but trust me it is worth it.

Get sushi in Portland.  This is a no-brainer.  Portland is right on the coast.  The sushi is amazing.  We stayed in Portland for three nights – two of the nights we had sushi feasts.

Obviously, I went shopping.  Freeport is a great outdoor outlet shopping stop.  Of course, the LL Bean Flagship store is a must.  Even if you do not need anything, you have to go into this place.  The Flagship store not only has everything that LL Bean sells, but also has a restaurant and a fun educational area for kids.

Basically, anywhere that has a JCREW outlet is a great stop.  You can find that store here, as well as a Northface Outlet and the other outlet staples such as Coach, Nine West, Nike, etc.

For the most picturesque views, go to Ogunquit.  This is a quaint town, with cute shops and restaurants.  You can stroll up and down the coastline as well.  There are benches too for you to sit and enjoy the view.

Bars on Bars on Bars
There are tons of bars all over Downtown Portland.  All of them are different, and all of them are awesome.  It is very easy to go bar hopping.  On our first night in Portland, we went to a jazz bar.  Then we went to another bar to play pool and darts.  The next night we went to a club type bar.  That, mixed with the great beer makes for a great night.  You may even meet a Portland lush.  My lush ego definitely came out every night.  Evidence:


Brunch is always a must for me.  On this trip we went to brunch twice.  Our 1st brunch we went with the traditional type.  Me + Mimosa + Omelet = Complete Satisfaction.  Our 2nd brunch was at Sea Dog Brewing Company.  Instead of the traditional Mimosa, I got a flight of beer with my brunch.  Awesome.  They also had a Bloody Mary Bar, if that is your brunch poison of choice.


Last, but not least, Lighthouses
Go drive around and see the lighthouses.  They are beautiful, and usually are close to nice parks and viewing areas.


Basically, Portland was awesome!  GO VISIT!


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