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I Love Presents

The first thing I think about during Birthdays, Christmas, Housewarmings, Graduations, Weddings and other various Celebrations is the PARTY. Then I think about PRESENTS.

I am not bashful about accepting presents.  Two years ago my boyfriend planned a Boozy Birthday Brunch Bash for me.  I was being the ultimate Birthday Brat [another “B” word would probably work here as well] and forcefully requested for him to include a note at the bottom of the invitation stating that my guests were welcome to bring presents.  Talk about rude… Birthday Brat alter-ego took over.  My boyfriend tried to set me straight, but the Birthday Brat was in full effect.

I will say that the one thing that I enjoy more than receiving presents is finding the PERFECT present to give friends and loved ones.  Call me selfish, but I love when my present a HIT, or when the recipient of one of my gifts lets others know how amazing the gift was.  Friends will rarely receive a gift card from me (a few instances are acceptable).  I try to give friends presents that I know that they will not only use but appreciate.  The ultimate gift giving compliment is seeing the present being worn/used/served/hung.

With this being said here are a few PERFECT PRESENT ideas:

  • Look at your friends’ Pinterest board.  Is there a project that your friend wants to do?  You can get them the supplies they need to do the Pinterest craft or recipe.  A little stalker, but hey, your friend will finally be able to make that wine cork wreath with the 100 wine corks that you bought them on ebay.
  • Is your friend a traveler?  Get a GIFT CARD (1 instance I approve of to gift a Gift Card) to a restaurant you would recommend wherever your friend is traveling.  You can also gift tickets to a local sporting event or festival.  For this gift, make sure that your friend will have time on their trip to do this, and it doesn’t add un-necessary stress.
  • Are you celebrating a friend’s new job?  Get décor for the new desk, or something special to wear on their 1st day at the new job.
  • Speaking of jobs, if your friend travels a lot for work get them a swanky make-up or travel bag.  Throw a Starbucks or Chick-fil-a Gift Card in there for long days on the road.
  • Is there a hobby or class that your friend wants to take?  Get them classes!  For things like fitness classes, dance classes, art classes, musical instrument lessons or sports lessons, look at your friend’s county website.  Some offer seasonal classes/lessons at affordable prices for their residents.  You can also look on sites like Groupon or Living Social, but make sure that you look at reviews 1st.
  • Does your friend love booze?  Get them their favorite “drank” and swanky glasses to drink out of… or an AA sponsor.
  • Customized gifts are usually very personal.  Things Remembered and Red Envelope have tons of ideas.  You can also look on Etsy!
  • Did your friend just move or buy a new house?  Get them an address stamp with their new address!
  • Oh – lastly stationery can be made to be very personal!  Just add prints that you know your friend will enjoy, and it would make the PERFECT gift.

My last tip today – Always say ‘Thank You’ when you receive a gift.  Below are some thank you notes that I have made.  These orders came from amazing moms that wanted to have a stack of ‘Thank You’ cards handy for when their kids receive gifts.

Mustaches.  I had an order from a classy mom for ‘Thank You’ Cards.  This mom did not want anything that is too kiddy looking for her two boys, and the mustache theme was perfect.  Not too kiddy, but still very fun.  This print was so popular that another mother wanted the same for her boys!  Both orders are shown below.






Nautical Theme.  It seems like all the mothers are wanting ‘Thank You’ cards from me have boys.  This nautical theme was also not too kiddy, but fun for boys.  This print turned out AWESOME.  It would look great on personal stationery as well OR invitations to a nautical themed party.





Remember…‘Thank You’ cards can also be used to thank people for attending an event you host, donating to a cause that is near and dear to you, buying a product you sell, or just being a supportive friend!  Do not be an ungrateful hag – be thankful!

Contact me at if YOU need some ‘Thank You’ cards.  Also be sure to check out my Pricing and Portfolio pages!


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