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Judge me… and my Stationery

So now is where you get to judge me – not like you didn’t already with my first post.  Don’t lie.  Judge-y people are my favorite.  Insert cliché e-card –


TRUTH:  I am a procrastinator.  I can find a million reasons to put off any task.  A lot of what it comes down to is that I set unrealistic goals.  When initially thinking about designing stationery, I wanted to buy a graphics program and design, design, design.  I thought it would be a cinch.  I would easily find a design program with all the features I wanted and there would be a magical printing fairy to ensure everything came out perfectly.  Oh – and this endeavor would be very affordable.  [Sidenote:  there is no such thing as affordable in Northern Virginia.]

So basically I had 2 options:

  1.  Wait until I had enough money to create my dream stationery … aka procrastinate
  2. Figure out what I could do… NOW

Enter Embossing.  Embossing my own stationery ending up being a much more affordable investment.  I am very happy that I took the plunge.  I had no clue that I could make these designs WITHOUT a computer.  For personal correspondence stationery I actually prefer the raised print on embossed stationery opposed to flat ink-printed design.  I design/emboss each card and put together each envelope – I have the paper cuts and small burn bruises to prove it.  I love the embossing/creating aspect and think the stationery is ADORE.  For those of you that want a more clean and traditional look, don’t worry, the printed stuff will come.  Just give it time.  But of course, I encourage you to not procrastinate and take the plunge.  Try out some embossed stationery… you will LOVE it.

TRUTH I am a perfectionist.  No joke, I will throw away post-it notes if my chicken scratch isn’t ‘perfect’ enough. Also, everything has to be matching.  I can spend hours in West Elm making the perfect color palette.  If something is one shade off, it is a no go.  With this being said, the thought of embossing is NOT easy for the perfectionist.  The perfectionist in me was thinking … “WHAT?! There is no way to ensure that EACH card does not come out the EXACT same?!”

After a few trials and errors, I finally realized that the imperfections are what make each of these cards endearing and personal.  I decided that each group of cards I made would have the same theme, but intentionally made sure that no card had the same layout.

Not to jump ahead, but when you decide to place an order for embossed stationery, here are a few tips from the perfectionist in me:

  • Steer away from very light colored paper (whites/cream).  When using the embossing powder a few specs can sometimes stray.  This will cause a few gray speckles to appear on the stationery.
  • When using thick prints, request dark ink.  A thick print would be something that has no space in the whole design.  Thicker prints take longer to dry with the heat gun.  Therefore, lighter ink will sometimes burn which may cause a little bit of discoloration.
  • Try to pick thinner designs to be safe.  Thinner designs will show the least amount of imperfections.  Note: you can have 1 design take up a whole page, but as long as the lines in it are thin, you should be good to go.

With all of this being said, it is MY job to make stationery that YOU like.  Therefore, you can order whatever you want, and I will make sure that it is up to my own standards – i.e. perfection.

So finally, here are a couple of my 1st orders.  Credit to Paper Source for the paper, stamps, heat gun, ink, ribbon, and kind hospitality.

“Green with a Bird” This is a great example of a THIN design.  The bird/twig design takes up space, but the design is still thin and it came out really well!

Green with Birds Set

Stationary Envelopes

Stationary Cards

“Pink and Purple with Hearts” This order originally requested cats instead of hearts.  I despise cats (so much that I will probably dedicate a whole entry explaining why cats are awful), and was extremely delighted that this order switched from cats to hearts.  My co-worker that requested this order wrapped her Christmas presents with “Paper Bag” gift wrap so I thought that using “Paper Bag” card stock would be perfect.

Pink & Purple with Hearts Set

Stationary Envelopes

Stationary Cards

Let me know if you want to order!

Also, give me your thoughts!  TRUTH I like constructive criticism. . . for example my friend Alice, she told me I do not know how to use commas properly. Thank you, Alice, for proofreading this ahead of time and watching for commas.  Perfectionists, do, not, like, comma, splices.

So in other words – don’t be shy!


2 comments on “Judge me… and my Stationery

  1. Evie
    February 20, 2014

    I like! I have some ideas for you. I design invites using Illustrator. We could totally take over the world, one correspondence at a time.

    • kayesaid
      February 20, 2014

      I’ve heard great things about Illustrator. Yes – we COULD take over the world… I think that with your entertaining knowledge we would be able to plan some classy get-togethers!

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